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Bijibilla Rama Rao says, “Never divert your attention or discourage yourself at any cost, under any circumstances.”

Of the many books read and writers from whom I’ve received incredible inspiration over the years, Bijibilla Rama Rao delivers a unique quality.

You might ask, “What makes his stories different?”

Turn the page and discover how engaging chapters will present relatable circumstances surrounding business, kindness, emotion and other areas within your daily life.

Bijibilla portrays a dignity that reaches out to embrace: wherever you are.

The title of his book, Wisdom Life is Choice, will encourage readers to recognize a deep intuitive spirit and develop a lifestyle that truly makes a difference.

When trouble comes knocking, his book will help you to stand, not flee.

Patience and confidence will become a part of your journey and wisdom will inspire you to practice each day to be the best you can be.

Enjoy the heart-warming stories written by Bijibilla Rama Rao–in his book, Wisdom Life is Choice.

Marlene Foster

Community Business Coach

Empower The Vision

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