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All you need is, a little more

All you need is, a little more

true, it’s painful

seeing off a loved one.

it’s hard, not to fidget,

seal your mind.

and to my delight

pre-boarding announces delay

joy see no bounds

there is… little more time,


lil’ one that she is

it’s a treat to watch her

savor the sweet,

holding the bowl close

munching on the last one

trusting & turning, curious look

with a nod, i smile

yes, there is …a little more


trees wither & flower

man’s faith disappears

if true love

lost souls meet

for universe conspires

life’s not always good

… it gets better

giving … a little more time


time’s change

you will, or not

purse strings tighten

bare fridge screams

pizza without a sauce?

fumbled & found hope

forsaken as less important

a lone sachet in a corner


good ol ’times at café table

sapped allowances

when each cent counts

annoying hunger pangs

frustration beats resistance

scanning faces for a little more

cloudy, shaky, twinkle, danny

but sunny, with a foxy smile…

glad to know,

there is always …a little more

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