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Be Positive

Be Positive

being positive is a worried lot,

negatives, roaming free,

a twist, time unfolds,

being negative is looked upon.

being positive, hopes against hope.

sharing positive proximity with many,

today isolation is what he see.


“bless you”, were the words

when you sneeze

today they curse and flee

a free world, free to live, but

being positive, you pay to breathe.

like gold the smith refines,

nature’s ire, reminds.

week after week, stuck inside

not sure, when will it pass

gripped in fear,

turning positive raised anxiety.


notorious kind, salivating

vote from you, but beds for a dime.

unknown enemy, serves better,

no differentiation him or mine.

making hay… who’ll rein the fox?

of what help is? when common,

is not within common’s reach

be positive, a crown title

corona has made it thine.

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