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An Acrostic poetry– ‘ Good over Evil’

G- Glory of gracious God everytime wins.

O- On the day when it ends all the sins.

O- On the day of DUSSEHRA as well.

D- Diviner Ram declared Ravan’s death knell.

O- Over brain a fight between good and bad Angels.

V- Victory of good Angels is always stable.

E- Evilness tries to divert our minds towards it

R- Rare to win for them because has no grit.

E- Even when Ram gave last chance not to be sinful.

V- Vigorously Ravan says, – ” My devils are so powerful.

I- In order to realize Ravan ,the worthiness of a womb.

L- Let burry the Ravan and all evildoers in the tomb.


Happy Dussehra 🙏🏻

~ Muskan Dahiya ✍🏻

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