May thee shoot me with her exquisite eyes! - ZorbaBooks

May thee shoot me with her exquisite eyes!

Found a lovely home of mine , in her deep black eyes,

made with bricks of love and plastered with cheesy emotions.

During merriment and jest whenever I disguise,

Or become silent like a sweet snowman stood in frozen,

In thee deep black eyes, oceanic flows apprise,

these flows turn me feeble in this black beach erosion.

Oh! MOMMY! for this, how much time I apologize?

Even the affairs are worst or best , for me you’re chosen.

Thy scolds on non- sensical talks , makes me furious.

But…when I look in thy deep black eyes, I melt.

Finally , you shot me with thee eyes and became injurious.

Accept my redolent red rose , to propose you I’d knelt.

But how long , in thee black eyes, we would tie?

Must live in this lovely home, till we would die.


~ Muskan Dahiya ✍🏻

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Muskan Dahiya