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Becoming Hanuman

The Occult psychological process behind the “yog” of rising to become a superior human.



Pradeep PK Maheshwari.

From Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry




Who is Hanuman?

Like Hercules in the west, Hanuman is seen as an indomitable Being of great strength and powers. He has found a place in the pantheon of the gods due to his utter self-less devotion to the Lord. Hanuman is worshipped as a subsidiary figure in temples dedicated to Rama or directly in shrines dedicated to Hanuman himself. He is prayed to for strength and resolving tricky issues. He is one Being who was able to rise above his monkey limitations and join the realm of gods. For his service to Rama, Hanuman is upheld as a model for all human devotion (bhakti).


Many versions of the human race have come and gone but it seems the present homo sapiens race is now technically ready to evolve into a more spiritual being leaving behind the animalistic influences so deeply active still but the elemental seed of the process of change has been sown. Sri Aurobindo started this process and certainly with the cooperation of the humans the process will slowly but surely be completed.

All it asks of us is to collaborate and sincerely desire and work for it. None of the drama and speeches that go with human spiritual activity. It needs to become part of our persona without any pomp and show.

Life if basically quite simple.

If you want money you will need confront cheating lying and insincerity at every stage. How much of it are you prepared to take?

If you want sex you will need to subvert your persona to another’s and beg for it with insincere acts of praise and blowing up the other’s vanity. How much of it are you prepared for? You may even get entrapped in an endless payment schedule.

All your efforts will need you to ask for help and involve give and take and unwilling associations. Are you ready for it?

You will neglect your body and know sickness and yet without it you are “not even here”. Thought of it?

You really will be selling yourself and your Soul.

How much of your life is your “real wish”?

Think. Use your mind.

To become even a little like Hanuman we have to go from being a slave mentally to a commander. The mind has to be disciplined and brought to serve as a tool of our Soul.

The idea to speak on these subjects is mainly to help the mind open to new “Questions”. But the mind is too clever. It won’t allow it. It wants the human mind-state to stay within limits and find rationale to let life be. Life is basically bearable. What is the problem? We have to first learn to see the mind as a separate instrument from us.

From the way I see it is that by normalising all critical thought you start accepting what is. There is a great virtue in acceptance but it also closes doors to reaching to higher consciousness levels. If being silent, calmly existing is the aim then humanity’s attitude to not rock the boat is perfect. Everything and any subject can be rationalised one way or another to make existence comfortable. How will becoming aware of the larger world beyond the mind help in living down here? Nobody is really genuinely interested. It is understandable.


Dedicated to

THE GRACE of The Mother. Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Puducherry (Pondicherry)

In this book I relate from personal experience the life and lies that we humans are living. We may pray to Hanuman but do nothing to improve our basic character. We pride and console ourselves by oft-repeating that god made us in his image. This collection is 2 books in one. In the first I bring up the points of lies that we live in. In the second I show how parenting perpetuates the errors and how this can be corrected.



I have a request before you get into the book. I would like you to think that; 70 active and conscious years have gone into realizing the words I am putting down here. I have put a great deal of perfecting, study and effort in my knowledge of language and delivering messages. I feel I have done a good job of saying accurately what I wished to say.

Please start with this premise that I know what I am talking of and let your mind accept this as a start to a new wave of thinking. Kindly don’t be in a hurry to interpret, rephrase and explain it all away.

If you find the ideas new to you, do let them sink in.

I say this because all the major religions have had centuries of time to embed many concepts and postulates as truth and the time has come to go further forward into the evolutionary future; a little against the old grain.

Best Wishes



Where do I start?

First let us see how this world is:

“I want peace and quiet”

…..And to obtain these, first we have to make a decent place to gather in the market-place by lying, cheating, fibbing and spending hours hooking-up with people we don’t like and drink coffee distastefully with people we would rather not.

People opting out of the rat race are rarely recognised as of any worth because in this world even though wanting to be living within a higher consciousness the fact is people still do regard worldly monetary status that is visible as indicative of worth.

Note: To this has been added the letters that indicate diplomas and awards.

Everything has become superficial as if people have lost all ability to discern and judge anything on their own.


If we don’t use our mind, the knowledge that we have and in a very pragmatic way the will to live by a certain discipline, we end up being one of the herd. To the herd I have nothing to say. But one thing can still be said in general. There is a simple guideline of behavior that will take you straight down the perdition road. I call this the list of HOW NOT TO BE:

Here is the list……

We may read a lot, listen to lectures and spend time with sages. But is the knowledge being imbibed and put into practice? It would be a bad mistake to suppose that one has made progress simply by having read the books. For one, human memory soon gets over written and starts fading too. So to truly internalise the guidance from a book one has to re-read it often.

I did this with two books. First I read them. Then I read them again and underlined the portions that touched my being. Then on a regular basis I would open them randomly and read whatever portions I had underlined. This went on for 30 years. This kept the teachings live and slowly over time they got embedded into my subconscious mind and into my general behavior. My changed behaviour brought in the change in my material/physical life as the responses changed. My subconscious patterns changed. Life changed gradually and began going in the direction I wished it to go.

What ails us in the present? Let me paint a general picture:

The Assuming Mind

A great lot of our thinking is founded mainly on our personal likes and rejections which in turn is based on whatever our mind has been fed with in our growing years. When we are unhappy alone because we are dependent on being happy as the center of attention from others we automatically assume that the world is also suffering in the same way. The people who are used to luxuries of bath tubs and running water easily tend to think that all those who have never known this must be miserable.

Thoughts, behaviour patterns, psychology etc are not something created by our minds. They have a basis in actuality. It cannot be a few concepts stringed together by our minds and then adopted as the truth or abandoned for newer ideas whatever. Ideas that birth in the mind, have rarely much of a foundation or connect with REALITY and the existence of Earth Consciousness.

If you open their minds and laydown the assumptions that fill the heads of humans, you will see a list of “assumptions” picked from the passing winds. It is mostly a list of personal preferences that never match the assumptions of others around.

One of the greatest fallacies is based on the need for harshness. Why teaching and administration is based on “harshness”. This also translates into our need for war.

This understanding that harshness is the only way to make people behave, pay attention to rules and this will result in order. Wars early on in human evolution laid down the need to destroy opposition seen as the enemy. This is partly true but should not be necessary if we raise the kids correctly. This concept is still working insidiously in the human consciousness. Even in the democratic process which I don’t believe in they are not prepared to listen to the public and regularly send in armies to control crowds. The crowd itself has totally forgotten that it was responsible for the government being what it is. Irresponsibility on one end of the spectrum and harshness at the other. And this is life today. Not to forget that the kings we choose are people from amongst us. But we talk of Ramrajya without ever practicing one word of it. Hanumanji would have been sorely tempted to bash us up.

The schools are not places of learning but institutions of rules and timetables. The children are not learning by experience and not growing naturally but being indoctrinated in obeying and their minds are being hammered to memorise the data on which all this harshness is based upon.

Life is therefore a harsh place for most of us. When the individual is hurt beyond repair and shows disturbing behavior he is sent to psychiatrists. I don’t understand why applied psychology is not used “before” this state is reached. Why this great need for harshness?

Human love is never without an element of control; their personal space is felt as invaded. Humans are still very ego-centric and are best left to fend for themselves. The human psyche needs trials and tribulations to become aware.

Love is what will solve the problems agreed but it is so foreign as a “thing”.

Certain basic disciplines that also add to the growth of the consciousness is all that early education needs. From there on the mind will learn to be objective, learn from experience and happily change track when needed for the good of all.

Our entire concept of life is faulty; encapsulated in terms of “good/bad, right or wrong: and some of these concepts are coming from way back in times which are not of any relevance in today’s times.

For instance I was talking about the concepts of child marriages. 500 years ago this was a necessity of the times. Life span then was average 40 years. Wars and natural destruction was rampant. To keep the tribe growing children were needed in great numbers. Is this relevant today?

But all modern changes are not automatically good either. With less to fear from natural circumstances we have become lazy. less courageous lacking in initiative and are not battling life so our consciousness instead of taking advantage of this peaceful living has shifted stance on pleasures which are always short and require continuous repetitions and has created a new wave of depressions in their wake. This is destroying the body and pushing us into the greedy and ever ready hands of the medical industry and the religionists. The food industry has also joined hands with them and we have royally messed up the brew. All this is based on the concepts that we readily accept what is worded “good, pure, natural and truth”. We assume truth is prevailing, read and believe the label and adverts; never using our minds and our education at all.

WE are suffering from undigested knowledge with no training to apply it, connect it with living.

Now we have reached a stage that Humans need to unlearn all and start anew with more positive objective thoughts based on their understanding of applied psychology and physics/chemistry/ natural sciences.

Humans are not rational. See the advent of the motor car and the use of the telephone. The car represents speed and comfort and exploding accidents. The speeds and the crowd of cars are the problem but do we reduce the engine power of the car to fit into the new scenario? No we add sensors and more technology in the name of safety. The telephone made life a lot simpler and easier to get much done. But its evolution today is visibly destroying more than it is achieving. The human has become addicted to his phone, talking all the time, creating noise pollution and mental fogginess and refuses to engage with other humans. Can human life on earth survive without our cohesive togetherness to live in unison without letting selfishness and self-centeredness take this upper hand? Our health already not so good is now being joined to bad mental health. People are more perturbed by the loss of their phone than the news that their father has died!!!

Institutionalised thinking is only “Good” for academic debates.

Life is what we need to look at and not definitions of it trapped in words and mental constructions. I give here a simple point to ponder (Note how selectively we pick up notions but expect wholesome results)

When you look at life and the way people are conducting their lives, does what I say vibe and sound true to you?

Do we or not, all of us, without exception, do we not have in a hidden corner of the heart this feeling that our “GOODNESS” be recognised?

And with this as an end we use subtle methods. Like prayers in public, prayers beads, certain dresses, writing the name of the Lord everywhere even in our posts on FB, preaching on FB etc.

WE USE certain methods to show our piousness and virtuousness and hope that The Lord will be fooled and if not at least the people around us.

Lately there is a wave of assertion in the media from all sides that has been going around that we choose our life’s plan before taking birth. It is true but only as part of the lore for highly realised sages in the occult plane and tantric tradition and not at all applicable to the normal working of the Cosmos for the common man but it seems to make the western mind feel to be in control. So be it. It gives such false sense of being superior and knowing what we are up to.

Steve Haag

I had what to my mind appeared as a recall before this life, choosing to come back here. I apparently didn’t have to.


  • No. The Karma of consequences is so well integrated with every move being made in this Universe, we really don’t need to bother our heads but our ego likes to think it knows and can do and also is convinced that it is the “doer”. The play between the forces of blood suckers and the opposite camp of Beatitude do get into a quarrel and then we have to bear the consequences but even in this we then create more consequences that eventually as the end product always help us surmount some of our elemental weaknesses.



To those who would look for a better, more wholesome life I can let you in into some of the practices I used.

I lived by 4 strict measures:

1) No adherence to strict time tables over which I had no choice.

2) Not be where uniforms are required

3) Not trapping myself into the sexual trap by getting married and devote therein my life to a woman and her brood.

4) A no is a no. Not to be afraid to say no and stick to it

Till the age of 40 I kept myself strictly aloof from these strangleholds. Because once into this set-up there is rarely any easy escape. And whatever for? At 20 I was intensely wondering at what this life is at.

The basic principle of life was the Zen way: sleep when sleepy, eat when hungry, read and listen to music when so wished and listen to the body. No hurry, no fuss and pay attention to the thoughts and emotions taking birth in you. Learn and educate yourself on all questions that can beset one. Be master of the situation. Prepare to be master in any situation and subject. Make the world come to you.

No compromises.

I managed to survive in this dog-eat-dog world by mastering about twenty trades and becoming seriously educated in applied physics and applied psychology and become a teacher and also a consultant to industry in marketing and negotiations at the international level specially in consumer products.

The trick was in first mastering my language command in English, French and my mother tongue Hindi. This made communications effective and learning speedy. Command of the language is 90% of the story.

It wasn’t that difficult. Just needed the mind-set. I simply refused to accept that I would allow anyone to consider me second to anyone and see me as a serving diminutive. I used my pride constructively and my self-respect to dive within into myself and observe my weak points that would hinder my growth and do something about them so I would not be caught out.



The head-gear.

The Head-Gear humans sport to indicate their status is another subject of interest connected with their instinctive arrogance. The humans who can always show of their position by trying to look bigger, more imposing and “Taller”. Just look at the head-dresses of the captains of religious bodies, queens and even the bourgeoisie. Earlier even the trades had a specific caps to indicate what work they did.

And to this you must pay attention to the paraphernalia around the neck. The medals and glitter that they wear around their necks. This is mainly to show-off their wealth and the amount of money they can lay their hands on.

Now the question we should be asking ourselves is why this basic need? It seems pride and arrogance (a lot of arrogance and nothing to be arrogant about) is built into the physical-mind nature given to humans with the basic mind that comes with the human form. This is what we need to understand and grow out of and evolve into learning about the character of the mind and use it, control it like super humans that we can become.

As luck would have it we have also been given a heavy dose of INERTIA which translates into laziness and shows in our natures as procrastination, refusals to take-on challenges, avoid studying/education, excuses, silly explanations and when confronted we counter with arguments and quarrels. There seems to be some crude intelligence which dictates us the fact we can shout-down, hurt and kill others for our benefit and to get our way. It never seems to occur to anyone that two can play at the game. In short what is needed to become conscious here is about how stupid we really are.

Allow me to give you a very important quote here:

“To go within one must first understand the principal thing: which is to be terribly honest to oneself, so that there is no deception whatsoever. We deceive ourselves so easily! We would not look. We would rather talk about something transcendental: God, theories, Atman, anything.” – J Krishnamurti


Kay Sluterbeck

Once again I’m amused by the number of people who are outraged over something they think “businesses or churches” should do to improve the community, but none of these outraged people are willing to volunteer to help make things come to pass.


·       Just read this sentence in a comment on FB: “Incredible: we are godlike in our creativity”.

PK: Holy smoke; how grandly, pompously we blow the horn of our arrogant thoughts about our stature.


The mind needs to be individualized at least to the extent where it knows what is good for its person and what is really needs and what takes it to perdition (waste of time, waste of resources, wastage of energy that brings in ill health and such + wishful thinking).

This would be a great step to begin with but what we see is a mind under the influence of every Tom, Google and Harry that is able to convince that life will be easier by following what they are saying. The logic that has been behind this attitude is that third party comments are usually reliable; after all when somebody praises his own self or his product, it is bound to be suspect. We are conditioned since ages to listen to far away noises.

How can you help or do anything for anybody who is going against his own interest and avoiding the discipline required to first separate the good from the bad using one’s intelligence and then using one’s will to deter oneself from taking the wrong path which we usually do by excuses that we cook up.

People will put all their energies in arguing but not learning/adopting new thoughts – not even listening. Rather they end up by adding a lot of noise of their own.

Humanity has found the mind but does not as yet understand or know what to do with it. For now it is being used in a very basic way just above the animistic level and human reason has very little power over it as it is totally under the influence of the “Desire” center in us. The invisible world of spirit forces is able to play with us thru our minds and the humans are more acutely their tools now than ever.

This collusion has to be broken.

Humans will need to learn to master their minds, use their will and goodwill and act discerningly then alone some sort of heavenly establishment will flower on earth.



When attempt is made to direct the minds of others towards a newer way of thinking, the more intellectually active ones specially… instead of quietly listening…… automatically instantly reword, rephrase and re-reference the words to bring things back to their own plateau of knowledge and thereby miss the point and the opportunity to a new gateway. There is an element “Oh I already know”!

And sad to say there is a lowering of the consciousness levels too automatically.

( for example: Take the saying of any of the greats like Buddha, Confucius, Nanak……when an average man-of the-street explains and reinterprets it will always be within the context of his experience graph, interests, education and personal inclinations)

This remark is not for the basically sheep class who are here on earth to provide us with wool.



Why would you want to get involved in the narrative of others? 99% of the times when we interfere we worsen the situation and bring hurt to ourselves.

Have you ever seen any good coming out of “Helping”?

The idea that we can help is a misconception of our mind. Even at home when I try to help I get shouted at. For some reason every time I try to improve things I only make it worse.

The expression “leave well enough alone” is a very wise one.


Learn to live with the minimum if life situation so demands but never settle for it. Keep working for the maximum and expect it as your due.

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