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Maybe That’s life

We try to replace people 

We try to fix things 

We try to heal our scars 

We try to regrow wings.

We all eat lies

Trying to pretend it’s okay

We cry remembering them at night 

Tho we try forgetting them all day.

We assumed some people would be forever 

As long as we stay 

But fate always has different plans 

And mercilessly parted them away

I don’t like talking about some people 

Cuz I used to know them a lot

All memories flashes by

In every glimpse they caught

I don’t hate them 

Nor I could ever

I just hate seeing then being the person 

They said they would never

Though I got someone to replace them

But memories won’t ever fade

My diary still has those times 

When all false promises we made

They had many lessons hidden 

Be it betrayal or be it every strife

They taught me to rise and heal

And maybe that’s life.

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Samriddhi Sachan