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Sahir and Advik’s Bonding

Scene 11

[We see in front of a small house Sahir is standing. He waved his wand, opened the door, and carefully looked around before closing it, and then turning, he found AD moaning. He ran towards him and found AD drenched in blood, and Sahir was bewildered because it was something beyond his dream. He took out his wand to tend his senior-cum-brother. Sahir’s magic wand moved like he was making art in the air. As if not any wizard, he was trained by an expert sorcerer. Soon the blood started vanishing, and the wound started healing. The pain is slowly subsiding. AD could realize it. He slowly opened his eyes and saw from Sahir’s eyes tears flowing. Even though weak, AD smiled and touched Sahir’s cheek lovingly].

Sahir: (looking at AD) I thought I lost you, but you woke finally.

AD: (Weakly smiling) You saved me.

Sahir: (Softly smiles) Take rest.

AD: (Trying to sit up) Will you be my guest?

Sahir: (Helping him) I will, until you start feeling better.

AD: (A little confused) But who told you about me, dear?

Sahir: (Smirking) Sitara saw you in the forest drenched in blood, walking in the mud (pause), with almost no cloth on your body, buddy!

[AD looked at himself and found himself wrapped in a sheet. He looked at his feat].

AD: (Sighing) Thank God, it does not look hairy.

Sahir: (Zoned Out) Everything seems so confusing to me.

AD: (Taking a deep breath) I have controlled everything, so don’t worry!

Sahir: (Looking focused) I know that, buddy. Will you have tea?

[AD nodded in assertation. He knew something had been troubling Sahir, and he had clear indications. He leaned back again and looked up to the ceiling. He tried contemplating things that had happened since the evening. He was so engrossed in his thoughts that he did not realize when Sahir came with his tea. Sahir saw AD in deep thought, so he quietly placed the cup on the bedside table and looked at AD thoughtfully. He then went and came with AD’s clothes while AD was still engrossed in his thoughts].

Sahir: (Coughed, AD came out of his thoughts) Do you like to change now?

AD: (Gratefully taking the clothes) Will you guard me somehow?

[Sahir drew a horizontal line with his wand and then a vertical one. Soon an invisible curtain created a barrier between the two, and Sahir waited until AD was done].

AD: (After being dressed) Thanks, I am done.

Sahir: (Turning towards AD and waving the wand. The curtain fell immediately) Finally, you look a bit all right.

AD: (Hugging Sahir) Thanks for being with me in all my fights.

Sahir: (Hugging tightly) I thought, this time, it would be forever. There was blood everywhere.

AD: (Patting) I will not leave you this early. I will trouble you for a lot more years, don’t worry.

Sahir: (Pulling out from the hug) Now have your tea and tell me in detail what you have been up to the entire evening. Why cancel the meeting?

AD: (Sitting and taking the cup of tea) I got a letter from the Council, telling me to come and meet them urgently. So, I canceled the meeting and went there, informing Ruya and Laila, and I did things quickly. I did not go to your house because you have to answer Sitara about everything. I was going through the forest, and suddenly there was lightning. I was startled, but I did not stop and kept walking. Or you can say running.

Sahir: Tamas sent his people for you?

AD: I thought that too. 

Sahir: So, were your intuitions, right? 

AD: Before I knew that, two paws gripped me tight. I gave him a good fight. But I was not ready, you see.

Sahir: So, it was a He?

AD: The attack was sudden, and the transformation was not quick.

Sahir: That’s the reason you felt so sick?

AD: Maybe, but my question is, how did Tamas forge a Council’s letter?

Sahir: You mean someone from the Council is there?

AD: Anything is possible, dear. I do not believe the Chauhans, No. Never!

Sahir: Advik, they are your family.

AD: (Shouted) They disowned me!

[Suddenly, from Advik’s eyes tears started flowing. Sahir hugged him tightly and kept patting him until the tears stopped flowing. After a while, Sahir wiped Advik’s tears and hugged him until he felt better before talking].

Sahir: Advik, I am there for you, like you were there for me after I lost my family.

AD: I know, sweetie.

Sahir: Now, tell me clearly, why do you suspect Chauhan so badly? Is it personal, or is there more to your story?

AD: What do you think about it?

Sahir: (thinking for a while) I will wait until you become fit.

AD: Sahir, will you do me a favor?

Sahir: (Smiling) Anything, Sir!

AD: (softly smiles) Transfigure and spy on Chetan and give me his whereabouts secretly.

Sahir: I will do that if you take my potions on time, daily.

AD: (Caressing Sahir’s hair). You are born to care for people, you see. First, it is Sitara, and now it is me.

Sahir: (Smiled and then looked tensed) But why you? When there is Sitara and me too.

AD: Sitara has a protection spell around her. (Smiling) I do not think Tamas had found any wizard as excellent as you to break it sooner. 

Sahir: Very funny. But then why not Laila, Ruya, or even me?

AD: Thus, I suspect my family. You see, the paws that gripped me were so familiar. It was the guy from the rehab one they sent me when I was sixteen, do you remember?

Sahir: (nodded) But were you sure?

AD: (With angry eyes). Yes, it was that man, for sure. The man who promised my parents (smirking) my cure (with bloodshot eyes) and then took every opportunity to make me impure. (Closing his eyes) I am aware of those paws, Sahir. It gave me nightmares still. (Saying this, he moved towards the window slowly. It was the crescent moon, yet shining brightly. AD looked at the moon with teardrops in his eyes, still shining. He started singing with anger and frustration in his voice ringing) Why? Why? Why? Tell me, why? Why they made me cry? Why did they think I was sick? Tell me, why? 

Why did they send me away? It pained me each day. All night, I used to put up a fight only to find a beam of light. But hopeless I was because the light was never there. All nights were getting darker, and it seemed to last forever. At times, my hopes were high. But no, there was none to wipe my tears when I used to cry. Can you tell me why? Why I was all alone? Why did they leave me forlorn? I am their child, their blood. Why did they treat me like dirty mud? Tell me why? Sahir, tell me, why? (Sahir looked helpless) Am I a beast? Can’t they love me a bit? (Holding Sahir’s shoulders) I tried becoming what they wanted me to be. But I cannot, and I am not sorry. (He walked away looking all determined) Why would I? Tell me, why? I accept myself as I am, and I am not sorry. Why would I be? Tell me, why?

[Sahir’s face said he had enough from AD that night. So, he did what he thought was right. He brought out a small vial gripped AD tight, and forced AD to drink the potion before he could put up a fight. Soon, AD felt dizzy. Sahir helped him to walk to the bed, although he felt a little uneasy. After a while, AD went into a deep slumber. Sahir wrapped him in the blanket and went out without thinking further]. 

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