What is the Cost of Publishing a Book?

Cost of publishing a book in India

Self-publishing is when an author is in full control of the process of publishing his/her book. It can be a book in any genre fiction or non-fiction, poetry etc. One query that is uppermost in the mind of an author is, “How much does it cost to publish a book?” Since there is no straight forward answer as different companies will give you different cost to publish, but there are broad guidelines you can follow.

The cost of publishing a book will depend on:

  1. The services the author is looking to take from a professional or a publishing company.
  2. The level of skill he would like to hire, e.g. to determine, “How much does it cost to edit a book in India?” consider the following, one can employ editors fresh out of college or one that has been working for a reputed publishing house for several years, the cost in both these cases will be vastly different.
  3. The difficulty level of the task at hand and the time needed to complete the job will both influence the cost. Simple illustrations requiring the least skill and time will cost far less than intricate illustrations.
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What are the typical book publishing services:

  1. Editing
  2. Cover design and illustration
  3. Formatting and interior design
  4. Printing of your book both fiction or technical
  5. Distribution and supply
  6. Creation of E-book and its distribution
  7.  Book sales tracking
  8. Marketing

Each of the above services is carried out at different levels of complexity and skill.  Two factors determine the cost to self publish a book and how pleasing the outcome is. The factors are:

  • The complexity of the task.
  • The level of skilled professional used.

The author needs to decide the following:

  • Which of these steps he has the wherewithal and the inclination to carry out by himself.
  • Which ones he would like to take the help of a professional publisher. This is the first and significant step.
book publishing services

Once this is decided, the next step is to compare the cost.

You can list down the services you need to take expert help in and write to the publisher for their cost to self publish a book


Most self-publishing companies will list book publishing cost in India and the parameters within which those book publishing costs in India are applicable. So figuring out an approximate cost is not difficult. Often the prices can be compared across companies but not always. The quality of work done in different areas of book publishing will vary in different companies.

The third step will be to determine which company will, in all likelihood, deliver on its promises.

One company will have a policy to under-promise and over-deliver. They will ensure quality, ensure compliance with all terms presented to the author. One right way to estimate which publisher is providing quality and is meeting all the obligations is to look for feedback from authors. Feedback from authors who have been published by the company in question is an excellent way to judge the publisher. The feedback points out what was good/great/beneficial to the author. You can also buy a book and evaluate the quality of publishing. In self-publishing, this may not give you the correct picture.

Now that you have looked at all aspects that will help you decide, “What is the book publishing cost?” Go ahead and book the publishing services from the company you have zeroed in on.

You are now ready to plunge into the heady world of authorship. Look out for any and all doors that open up and grab the opportunity.