Is Self Publishing a Book with Zorba Books the Best?

When you decide to go with a self publisher in India, like Zorba Books, you will find self-publishing a book is responsive to your needs, methodical and professional. Zorba Books is open and honest and you become the author of a book that is of International quality. Our author testimonials attest to being one of India’s most trusted book publishers. Authors want to concentrate their energies and creativity on what they are good at. That is, writing and would like a book publication expert to handle the book publishing for them. You come to us to self-publish a book in self-publishing houses in Delhi, India. You entrust our book publishing experts with all publishing steps or some publishing steps.

How can I Publish a Book with Zorba Books?

  1. Please enter your details in the Contact Us form and send it to us.
  2. Initially, we require your input:  A sample of your manuscript,  the total word count and the package desired.
  3. You study each publishing package for its services, select one and tell us about it.
  4.  If you are looking for specifications or services that are not part of our package, click on customise or pre-publishing or write to us and tell us about it through the Contact Us form.
  5.  We will guide you from here on. Your search for ‘book publishers near me stops right here.

Benefits of Publishing your Novel or Book with Zorba Books?

You have control over every aspect of publishing your novel or book, whether in Hindi or English. We provide you with expert input from us. Now you can be a published author of a book you have always dreamed about!
A self-publisher in India like Zorba Books encourages you to buy any of our books online, whether it is a book in Hindi or English, and check the quality.  If the book does not meet your expectation, we would like to hear about it. Available at all major online stores.
We pay you royalties up to 100% of the net profit from book sales!
Our publishing experts are at hand to offer you publishing help when you need it, available all weekdays. Call 0124-4106887/8800509579 or write to us at
Widest online distribution of your book to make them available everywhere your readers are.
You own the right to all your content and are free to use it wherever you would like to e.g. for movies, TV shows etc.
We help you sort out and simplify the marketing clutter, so you know where and how to market your book. Available in Mystic Package. We have additional Marketing plans for you to choose from too.
We offer you unmatched service at each step of publishing, marketing and distribution, always keeping you in the loop. That is also a reason for glowing testimonials for Zorba Books to keep flowing in.
At par with international standards at each stage of publishing. The book is now a professionally produced product, attractive and in tune with marketing needs.

We execute steps 1-6 to help you Self Publish your Book.

Every- book that aims to be taken seriously is incomplete without an ISBN. We will give the book a unique number or ISBN once the book cover and formatting are completed. ISBN is a unique numeric 10/13-digit commercial code. This code is unique to your book. With an ISBN, you will ensure that your book can be easily found or searched across the world and that can help maximize its sales potential.
Based on your objectives, we will help you evaluate the numerous marketing options available, choose an effective marketing route that enables you to reach your target audience economically and develop a marketing plan. We will also provide marketing support whenever needed. Available in the Mystic Package.
Our book publication experts will take charge of developing the overall look and feel of the book. This includes the creation of a pleasing layout for the book, selecting the font to be used, formatting of the content, etc. We will guide you in developing the needed introductory pages for the book e.g. copyright page, contents page, dedication page, prologue, foreword, or acknowledgement page. Once the manuscript is ready, we will format the book using the best formatting practices.
Our book publication designers will create cover page designs for you, keeping in mind the book’s theme, the target audience, your inputs, and marketing principles. Make suggestions for the title, edit the synopsis, keep marketing principles in mind and more. These elements will be combined to create an attractive cover. That’s not all, you will receive our expert input on the book’s title, sub-heading, synopsis etc.
Once the book is formatted and ready to be printed, the formatted manuscript will be printed using top-of-the-line printing processes, and paper and print will be of international standard.
The book will then be available in all major online stores in India and worldwide. We ensure your book is always available online for readers to buy. Their safe delivery to readers. You can track your book sales as they happen on your dashboard! Royalty payments are made regularly.

Congratulations! You are now a published author! But Zorba Books’ work doesn’t end here. We look out for opportunities to keep promoting your book, which is why we are seen as one of the best book publishers in India.