How to Write Poetry That Will Sell: Your Ultimate Guide to Finding Poem Publishers in India

Well, write poetry for God ‘s sake, it’s the only thing that matters,” said E.E. Cummings, the famous American poet.

1. How Can I Write and Publish My Poems? Poem Publishers in India
2. Writing and publishing poems in India versus publishing a novel
3. For the already published writer! Should you also look at publishing poetry in India

4. Some Useful Tips/Suggestions for Aspiring Poets Who Want to Self Publish a Poetry Book
5. Do you understand the process of getting a poetry book published?

How Can I Write and Publish My Poems? Poem Publishers in India

Are you the kind who thinks in poetry?

Is your obsession with words and their ability to stir up emotions?

Did you swoon in your class when the teacher reads lines from Ramdhari Singh Dinkar or Robert Frost, Harivansh Rai Bachchan or Lord Byron?

Then, you, my friend, are a poet and don’t even know it! Perhaps your pen has bled many times on paper, but the poems are still lying buried in your diary or scribbled haphazardly behind your office workpad. Or maybe you have been more audacious and have a poetry manuscript raring to go, but no poem publishers in India are willing to invest in the fluttering heart that you carry in your hands.

There is this fear and insecurity in the heart and mind of the budding poet, questions that trouble the writer: Who will publish my poems? Does anyone still care about poetry? Where can I publish my poems in India? How will I publish my poems? How to publish a poem online? Where will I find poetry publishers in India?

Since its inception, poetry has been dealing with stiff competition from other forms of writing (novel short stories, novellas, self-help books, biographies , etc.). Poetry has always attracted readers from all walks of life. Be it young or old, men or women, those who read in Hindi or English. Poetry does not differentiate. It reflects on our life and the very state of our existence. There will always be an audience for poetry as long as there is life itself! Look at Kya Baat Hai. It’s going places. Here is what Chitra Banerjee  Divakaruni says about writing a book of poems.

Writing and publishing poems in India versus publishing a novel

• While a novel may take years to perfect, poetry writing is more spontaneous! You don’t need to quit your job. You don’t need to do a lot of research. You can do it anytime, anywhere, in whatever little time you can manage!
• Reading poems does not require a lot of time! Therefore, it is more appealing to those who are used to consuming content in bite-sized 140 Twitter characters. 
• The editing process is bound to take less time with a book of poetry! So you can have your published poetry book in your hands much sooner!
• Finally, the traditional publisher is bound to show an unwillingness to publish your poems over the sea of novels waiting to be published. More so if you’re an amateur poet or a newbie who has never experienced publishing poems in India. With self-publishing poetry publishers in India, you cut the chances of an unfair bias! And CAN get your poems published, after all!

As seen earlier many novelists are also poets! However, writing novels is pretty different from writing poetry. Not just in the content presented but also in the process and how the subjects are explored. In many ways, poetry demands brevity but that doesn’t mean it has no space for allegories or metaphors. Writers like Margaret Atwood, Vladimir Nabokov, and Chitra Divakaruni, renowned for their long, complex novels, were also poets and have published poetry collections.

It is natural to experience some initial difficulty adapting to a different form of writing, but as you practise, the doubts will gradually fade. For all you know there might be a great poet in you. As for publishing, it’s always up to you whatever you want to publish. Poem publishers in India will gladly give you a space and a platform to showcase your writing.

For the already published writer! Should you also look at publishing poetry in India?

On the other hand, if you’re already a published novelist and need a break before you start working on the second book, don’t shy away from experimenting or trying your hand at publishing poetry in India!

All the top writers in the world have consistently experimented with different forms of writing. The great Rabindranath Tagore wrote not only novels and short stories but also a lot of poetry. Having written three novels, Vikram Seth has also published six poetry books! Jeet Thayil is another contemporary Indian artist who has succeeded in writing poems and novels. The list goes on.

As a writer, you should aim to extend your presence in the public imagination as much as possible. A long interval between your first and second novel could erase you from the modern reader’s short-lived memory.

Writing and poetry publishing online (which takes less time!) could enhance your creative faculties as an artist. It could also help you maintain a presence in this competitive market and retain and expand your readership.

Publishing a book of poems
Publishing a book of poems

Some Useful Tips/Suggestions for Aspiring Poets Who Want to Self Publish a Poetry Book

• Pen original and brilliant poems! That’s a first.
• Write on a topic that you feel passionate about.
• Note down short, direct poems that evoke striking imagery in the readers’ minds. You could also have illustrations accompanying the poems to make them more appealing or have their Hindi or English translations side by side to attract more readers!
• Choose a subject that is relevant to the times you live in. This way, you double the chances of your poems sparking the interest of the reader, who is up-to-date with current affairs.

Do you understand the process of getting a poetry book published?

If you’re confused about how to get a poetry book published or where can i publish my poems in India, how to publish a poetry book, start by researching different publishing methods. Once finalised, look for poetry book publishing houses. Self-publishing is rapidly emerging as an alternative to traditional routes due to its flexibility. Look for poetry publishers India, that meets your requirements regarding the services you seek and your budget.

In the interim, reach out to your friends and acquaintances and ask them to review your work. Make adequate changes and edits, and submit the final draft of your book. The next step is to send in your poetry and wait for feedback. The poetry book publisher will take it from there, working on designing and
formatting your book.

As a poet, however, it is recommended that you create an online presence to promote your book and build a large readership. Creating a social media presence may seem daunting, but you can learn with time. Grasping tips and tricks isn’t that hard. You can refer to: 

    • Priyanka, a passionate poet, makes a video to promote her book.

Above all, don’t lose hope and keep writing!

Her poetry book hit the best-seller list. Read her interview here

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