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Overall Specifications
Book Binding :
Book Cover (Colour) :
Inside Pages in a Book (B&W) :
Image Insertion  :
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Book Size :
5 x 8
Suited to the Following Book Genres :
Poetry, Nouvella, short-stories, Students
ISBN & Copyright
Print Book ISBN :
eBook ISBN :
Copyright :
Editing of Manuscript
Proof Reading  :
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Copy Editing  :
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Editing Proof  :
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Book Formatting
Book Formatting  :
Book Designing  :
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Premium Line Illustrations  :
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Formatting Proof (Digital) :
Revisions* :
Cover Design
Premium Cover Design  :
Customized Cover Design  :
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Cover Design Proof (Digital) :
Revision* :
Marketing Guidance  :
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Peep into the Book  :
Dedicated Book Page  :
Dedicated Authors Page  :
Dynamic and Responsive Website  :
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Goodreads  :
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Email Marketing :
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Setting up Social Media Accounts :
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Targeted Book Brochure  :
Designer Visiting Cards :
High End Video teaser  :
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Physical Store Distribution :
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Amazon coupon :
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Zorba Books coupon :
Promotion on Social Media :
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Amazon Prime :
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Promotion on Amazon :
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Author Page on Amazon:
Book Management
Production Manager  :
Free Copies :
Additional Copies for Author :
@ 30% Discount
Inventory Management :
Book Distribution
Online Distribution in India  :
International Distribution :
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Amazon.com Distribution :
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Book Store Distribution :
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Ebook Creation & Distribution
Ebook Creation  :
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Ebook Distribution Worldwide :
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Royalty & Sales Support
Author Dashboard :
Sales and Royalty 24 x 7:
After Sales Support :
Author Profit :
80% of Net Profit
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Overall Specifications
For a book in colour, size 5.5" X8.5", maximum 56 pages
Change in size: 6" X 9" or A4 or A5
Every additional copy including shipping
If the Book is in Hindi
Cover Design
Every additional premium cover option
Customized cover design with cover design proof
1 additional round of cover page corrections
Formatting every additional page
1 additional round of text page corrections
Book Enhancement
Inserting image/illustration
Basic Illustrations black and white
Superior illustrations
Basic Illustrations in colour
Superior illustrations in colour
Complex editing – Upto 25,000 words
Editing additional words
Dynamic 5 page website
Instagram giveaways
Facebook setup and promotion - First month
Facebook promotion - Additional months
Amazon Prime
One online press release
High End Video teaser
E mail marketing
Book Review
Promotion on Amazon
Author Page on Amazon
International Distribution
Distribution to 10 book stores in India
Ebook Creation and Distribution

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