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Lets play

Let’s Play

by Swarn Lamba


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ISBN 9789390640607
Languages English
Pages 146
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Let’s Play

Kanche and other Traditional games of India


Kho-Kho, Oonch-Neech, Gulli Danda- names that bring back memories of outdoor games and time spent with friends. Rushing out into the courtyard after finishing schoolwork. Playing until the birds went home to nest and mothers stood in doorways, calling their children to come home. Children pleading for a few more minutes of play.

The rules of these games have been passed down by word of mouth from one generation to another. The rules are so flexible that there is no right or wrong way of playing as long as the group agrees to the rules. The names of the games and the rules vary from region to region and neighbourhood to neighbourhood. Playing games outdoors provided an occasion to meet up with other kids and every game created its own momentum and helped develop the child into a better person. This unique and wonderful novella about Indian outdoor games will introduce children to the delightful classic games.
– Preeto as she breaks the stereotype by playing Gulli Danda with the boys;
– Sri, who encouraged by his parents, plays Kho Kho;
– Jai, as he plays with and collects colourful marbles;
– Urmi and Abhoy in a competitive game of Pittu.
– in the chanting of Poshampa and Oonch Neech as it fills the evening air.
– the hop-scotch players as they try for the Dullej
– Fajaton as she plays Sagol Kangjei (polo);
– Deepu as he flies his own kite for the first time on Uttarayan.

This exciting collection will bring back old memories and give you a chance to make some new ones! These games are just as much fun today! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to revive them with your children and grandchildren?

About the Author

Swarn Lamba is an educator, writer, and poet. Her first poetry book, A Twinkle, A Tear…moments in a mother’s life was published in 2008. She has contributed short stories and poems to an anthology Mama Dar, Tales of Family Life in Tanzania published in 2010. She has also co-published a monthly lifestyle magazine. She is a culinarian and maintains a food blog. Born and raised in India, she has spent over 35 years of her adult life in Tanzania, Africa before finally calling Australia her home. Swarn is now retired and spends her time writing, drawing inspiration from her grand-daughters. Through this book she is excited to introduce her grand-daughters to traditional games and the richness of Indian culture.

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1 review for Let’s Play

  1. Armaan Singh

    An excellent book- one of it’s kind. Kids and grown-ups in my family loved it. We even tried playing Pittu! Every school must introduce Traditional games through this book to students.

  2. Zorba Books

    We think so too. Each of those gripping stories bring back fond memories, and lessons cleverly imparted, gives city children a feel for countryside and so much more

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