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The Dictionary of Urdu Poetry

by Sunil Gupta


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ISBN 9789393029133
Languages English and Hindi
Pages 150
Cover Paperback
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The Dictionary of Urdu Poetry

For Shaayari Lovers

2500+ Must-know Urdu Words from 6000 Top Shers

by 50 Master Shaayars
From Mir and Ghalib to Faraz and Shakir

Urdu Words in English and Hindi Transliteration

Meanings in English


Who is this book meant for?
This dictionary is meant for lovers of Urdu Shaayari who may or may not have had any formal exposure to Urdu. The Dictionary of Urdu Poetry  enables them to enjoy the treasures of Urdu Shaayari without being familiar with or proficient in the Urdu script and/or vocabulary.

Why is this book a boon for lovers of Urdu Shaayari?
Most Indians are exposed to Urdu words since they form the mainstay of conversational day-to-day Hindi in India. However, an odd unfamiliar word in a sher robs the entire sher of its meaning and its magic. Not knowing the Urdu script adds another dimension to the problem. This handy guide is focused on making such unfamiliar Urdu words understood by the reader. The Urdu words are written in English and Hindi (for correct pronunciation of the Urdu word) and the word meanings are in English. In short, this book is designed to increase manifold the delight which comes from enjoying the best-known shers of South Asia.

About the Author

The author is an engineer from IIT-BHUwith a management degree from the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta. He has spent his career successfully building and restructuring businesses in India. He is currently the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of an MNC in India.
Urdu is lately a passion for him and he wishes that many more lovers of Urdu Shaayari enjoy the magic of shers, unconstrained by the lack of knowledge of the Urdu script or unfamiliarity with Urdu words.

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