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Birdsongs and Twilight Hues



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ISBN 978-93-5896-744-9
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Birdsongs and Twilight Hues

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In Birdsongs and Twilight Hues, Jacob Oommen presents a collection of 80 free verse poems that celebrate nature, delve into the intricacies of human life, and explore the myriad emotions—love, joy, sorrow, hope, et al—that colour our lives. Using a variety of poetic techniques, he has woven a song-like melody, rhythm, and musicality into his free verse poems. With skilful use of language, Jacob paints vivid pictures, inviting readers to a world of imagery and contemplation. These poems engage both the senses and the intellect, compelling readers to explore their feelings and contemplate.

These free verse poems reflect our collective journey, from the gentle rustle of leaves to the raging storms within. Embark on a journey where nature’s charming melodies merge with insightful reflections on life and existence.



Jacob Oommen, born in Malaysia and raised across two vibrant cultures in India and Malaysia, embodies a fusion of diverse perspectives. As a communication professional and human rights defender with extensive experience in both corporate and development sectors, he brings a nuanced understanding to his communication endeavours. Jacob’s academic journey includes advanced studies in English literature, creative writing, and human rights, reflecting his multifaceted interests.

As a poet, Jacob effortlessly paints breathtaking images with words, creating exquisite portraits of colour, sound, and light that captivate the senses and emotions of his readers.

Initially sharing his poems on X (Twitter), Jacob’s works have garnered widespread acclaim and resonance, captivating audiences worldwide.

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