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Everlasting Things Are Incomplete

by Abhilash Fraizer


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ISBN 978-819-93-316-9-48
Languages English
Pages 54
Cover Hardcover
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“Writing a poem is stepping into endlessness.”
This collection of poetry by Abhilash Fraizer is a record of those brief blessed moments. In the fraction of a second, you see a light year. If you are able to see a spark of it between these lines, the author is blessed.

Dreams, fallen from the stars,
Glistened in your eyes, dear.
They spoke to my soul
Of an everlasting love,
You and I yearned for…

About the Author

Writer from Kerala, the southernmost state of India, Abhilash Fraizer wrote his first creative piece at the age
of 10. A lyrical style is the hallmark of his writing. Apart from being a poet, novelist, songwriter and drama scenarist, Abhilash is an accomplished copy writer. A widely-read columnist in Malayalam, Abhilash currently works the Editor of a couple of magazines and as a consultant copy writer. He has published six books.

• Abhilash’s poem ‘Between the Islands’ entered the list of the best 100 poems
• Poem ‘Everlasting things are Incomplete’ was published in International Literary Journal
• Won Kerala Catholic Bishop Council’s ‘Young Talent Award 2014’ for literary excellence
• Best novel award from Vishwa Dharmam’ Magazine


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