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Jaded Blue

by Garry James


ISBN 9789358968903
Languages English
Pages 117
Cover Paperback


Jaded Blue, is a singer with a melodious voice and a writer who writes & recites poetry, stories to his audience around the world. Though they love him passionately, his heart was restless and later he realized that his heart still belong to his childhood love. He goes back to the village to find her, but they seemed to have vanished.

He requested his friends and followers around the world to search for her. He wandered from place to place and in the journey met few who loves him, who wanted to be with him for life, to be his soul mate, but he could not console his heart. Here is a song of his lovers who is waiting for him and want to be with him. His interaction with them are poetic, he flies from land to land and across seas. His childhood love’s image getting blurred now in his memories. Did he find his love?

About the Author

Garry James, based in Mumbai, India is an author, writer and a poet, who loves to write fiction and non-fiction on different genres focusing majorly on inspiration, love, relationship, nature, social life challenges.

Writing started at an early age but with very few  opportunities & scope to present them the passion took a back seat. But,  writing really never stopped for him. Today he is a professioal from hospitality, tourism & real estate industry, a professional content writer, copywriter, writing blogs, articles, newsletter for business enterprise.

He writes for various online forums as well tweets regularly, he also manages a newsletter and interacts with his audience on LinkedIn.

2 reviews for Jaded Blue

  1. Talent Prime

    sure will go for one, a lovely story

  2. Girish

    curious to know the rest of story, it’s an interesting story. I will definitely buy one to gift it

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