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कुछ बूंदें अश्क की

Kuchh Boonde Ashq Ki कुछ बूँदें अश्क की

by Shashwatendra Singh ‘Ashq’


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Genre ,
ISBN 978-93-5896-911-5
Languages Urdu and Hindi, English
Pages 164
Cover Paperback
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कुछ बूँदें अश्क की

a book of Gazals and Shers

खिड़की से देख हाल  मौसम बताया नहीं जाता

निकलो बाहर तो बारिश से ख़ुद को बचाया नहीं जाता


दिल-ओ-ज़ेहन के दरबों में सिमटे हुए हो तुम

उड़ना हो फलक पे तो पिंजरों को मकां बनाया नहीं जाता


तुम चराग़ हो तो चराग़ सही मेरे यार, लेकिन

कितनी भी हो चमक, आफताब को दिखाया नहीं जाता


About the author-

Shashwatendra Singh ‘Ashq’ was born and raised in Lucknow, the city of Nawabs. With over 15 years of experience in corporate under his belt, he loves reading literature, and is currently working in a software company in India. The author is a management graduate from ICFAI University, Dehradun. He has spent his career successfully providing solutions in the field of information & technology to global clients. He is currently a department head managing global accounts in a listed software company in India.

For him, Urdu Shayari is like compiling the ocean of feelings, its vastness, depth, tranquillity, and turbulence, and pouring out in a few drops. While his writing कुछ बूंदें अश्क की touches on various facets of life and makes it relatable, written in raw style, the couplets are easy to understand and cherish.

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