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Not a Word was Written

by Amit Kumar Mall


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Pages 140
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Reviewing a book of poems is difficult; and writing a ‘Forward’ even more complicated. I read the book thrice. The first reading was an enjoyable experience. The second one gave me better insight. But it was the third reading
which threw open newer and even revolutionary vision that was there for all to see and feel between the lines. Congratulations to Mr. Amit Kumar Mall for his brilliant penmanship.

The words flow like a river. Free and unencumbered. As you read on, you begin to marvel at the writer’s inner feelings that swing from hope to despair and from realism to utopian flights of imagination. At times, you feel like empathizing with his lonely, melancholic moments.

True, life is mixture of different experiences. A poet pens his experience in the form of a verse. Honestly, boldly and beautifully. All mortals can’t do that. And Mr. Mall is a wonderful poet. Indeed.

Allow me to quote a few lines from his book:

“It’s a

New custom of our age,


Wars are waged for the sake of peace.”

In the next few pages, the poet encounters an altogether different

feeling and sounds a warning. He writes:

“Stop playing

The game of scripting destinies

The crown is trampled, overrun

When time changes”

While congratulating the writer for his extraordinary work of art, I would love to quote Franz Grillparzer who wrote: “Prose talks and poetry sings”. Yes, Mr. Mall sings. Very well.

Go on. And sing more and more. Good luck

Ambikanand Sahay
Former Resident Editor
The Times of India

About the Author

Amit kumar Mall has an graduate degree in English literature and philosophy as well as Law and post graduation in Hindi literature. Mr Mall is working as Joint Commissioner Food in UP.

He has published 3 books; 2 based on poetry and 1 on lok katha. The two poem books name are Likha Nahi Ek Shabd (2002) and Phir (2016) ; and lok Katha sangreh name is Kaka Ke Kahe Kisse (2002). He is also co-poet of two books (published in 2015 and 2016) of combined collections of poems.

His essays, Lok Kathayein and poems have published in leading Hindi newspapers and magazines. His creative work is very popular in Hindi. His book Phir has been selected for Dr Shiv Mangal Singh Award

This book was an English translation of likha nahi ek shabd.

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2 reviews for Not a Word was Written

  1. Zorba Books

    ‘Not a word was written’ is a translation of a collection of Amit Kumar Mall’s poetry from Hindi. His poetry touches the human sensibilities to the core. In a way Amit kumar Mall is a poet of pain and protest. He very deeply feels the problems of human being, captured in the clutches of system. His protest is not loud, it’s like a night watchman in a dark night holding a torch, and focusing the wounds, scratches and all the suffering of common men. His attitude underlines hope and optimism. Amit Kumar Mall looks at human relationship and human behavior , in a everyday changing world with microscopic eyes. He uses his metaphors, symbols in a very subtle and polished way. His selection of words and expressions brings the finer layers of the feeling of human being under pressure of so-called modern values.It’s because his wide canvas and sharp vision, his poetry leaves a long lasting imprints.
    -Parvez Ahmed , retired senior journalist

  2. Zorba Books

    After reading the manuscript of the book written in English, I am sure that the thought and description of the culture written in Hindi version is going to be a global reading book. The poet through the poems raises many conflicting issues and provides the solution directly or indirectly through the next line of thought. His sensible perception rooted in our society is shared with the readers very decently. All the mandatory requirements of lyrics and rhythm have been very successfully maintained in the present version of the book. Silently the poet has successfully linked himself with the surrounding society.
    – Awadhesh P Singh
    Professional Engineer and Researcher @ IIT Delhi

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