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Of Silhouette Words & Moonflowers

by Komal Gupta


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ISBN 978-93-86407-56-6
Languages English
Pages 190
Cover Paperback
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Words in writing come out as expressions of ourselves , expressions of our perceptions of the world we live in.
In this poetry book ,Of Silhouette Words & Moonflowers, poems allude to the vast array of experiences we go through in life .
Some life defining, some hilarious, others a pointer to the direction of our lives. It is an attempt to forge stories in poems in a candid wordy way ,through a series of themes.
Come along , enjoy the journey through paths of poems that seek to connect.

About the Author

Komal is an avid reader and traveller, a naturalist, a writer with a penchant for the extraordinary and the mundane.
She can be found looking for words in her imagination and jotting them down, whether quirky, funny or serious. A trainer in the Montessori method of teaching she loves to share new ways of experiencing this world. A keen observer of life, words are to her an extension of perceptions and so her new poetry book, OF SILHOUETTE WORDS & MOONFLOWERS comes about.
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