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Poems for Ever

by Kumar Bose


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ISBN 978-93-88497-14-5
Languages English
Pages 106
Cover Paperback
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Lifts you from the gorge of the Mariana Trench to the indefinable, The Great Attractor; The poem is ideal for a text book.
Dr Lolly Pattnaik
Bhubaneswar ( India )

Beautifully capturing the moods so sensitively that you can feel it. Poems are very touching and can feel their depth. A pleasure to read -.keeps lingering in mind.
Dhanashree Joshi-Dharkar
Poet (Marathi) & Sketch Artist
Nagpur( India )

What a pleasure it was to read these poems. A panorama of contemporary issues – very thought provoking. I particularly liked Mariana Trench- it is so fiercely evocative of what we are doing to our planet.
Anne Isaac
Kottayam( Kerala – India )

The themes are so diverse, and the reflections so unpretentious.
Dr Brij Raj Sharma
Indian Forest Service ( Retd )
New Delhi

‘Woman’ is a beautiful, sensitively written poem, that celebrates woman in all her forms. It is rich and laden with
very observant and discerning metaphors…..
Vinay Varma
Management Consultant and Poet

The poems are engagingly visual, evocative and steeped in emotion….
Nandan C Warnekar
Software Consultant and Amateur Writer
Nagpur ( India )

For escapades, add this book to your travel kit.
Ranajit Das
Mining Engineer
Brisbane ( Aus )


About the Author

It’s a collection of my Virtual Poems – the real ones are buried in me. Human mind is designed or even used to retaining a little within, not for sharing. And this is precisely my disability.Thoughts do not come in rhymes.

From the very early age I’ve grown with keen senses, compassion being its cornerstone. So, my poems tend to be biased – one may say one sided or even asymmetrically poised. My humble upbringing infused in me a will to look at life on a frameless canvas – ever extendable, emancipated – free from set notions and verses. At no point of my journey I forget that I’m a cosmic being – rotating, revolving, sliding at a god sent speed to the Great Attractor. We all are co-passengers.

I’m a late starter in my endeavour, having had to devote the most part of energy and thoughts in making ends meet through stale routine – for a worldly living. It’s only in last few years that my key board has gone poetic, so to say.

I keenly look forward to remain in communication with the Readers, who may like to assume for themselves, the role of an Editor-by- Choice, for enhancing the poesy.

For I know, there is a Poet hidden in every reader of poetry.


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