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Verse by Verse

by S.Seshadri


ISBN 9789358961355
Languages English
Pages 152
Cover Paperback


In ‘Verse by Verse,’ the author embarks on a literary exploration that encapsulates the essence of life, the beauty of nature, and the tapestry of personal experiences. Each poem within the collection serves as a brushstroke on the canvas of the author’s thoughts, reflecting the myriad moments that have shaped their perception of the world.

As readers delve into ‘Verse by Verse,’ they encounter different types of poems—some long and free, others short and following a unique style. Life, depicted as a grand adventure, and the wonders of nature stand as central themes in the author’s poetic endeavors. Through the verses, the author attempts to capture the profound feelings and moments that make life extraordinary.

This collection invites readers to explore varied landscapes of human experience, offering a glimpse into the intricate interplay of emotions and the inherent beauty found in both life and nature.

About the Author

Meet Seshadri, a seasoned engineer with a remarkable 35-year journey spanning diverse leadership roles in public and private sector steel mills in India and abroad.

Post-retirement, he seamlessly transitioned into a consulting role and emerged as a prolific contemporary short story writer. Authoring seven captivating books over the last three years, such as ‘Stranger Moments’ and ‘Mystique,’ Seshadri’s multifaceted life extends beyond his literary accomplishments.

A dedicated student, loving husband and father, outstanding artist, cricketer, and community member, his journey is adorned with awards. In his latest collection, “Verse by Verse,” Seshadri delves into a profound exploration, capturing life’s essence and the rich tapestry of personal experiences. Each poem in this Free Verse collection reflects the myriad moments shaping his perception of the world.

Residing in Mumbai, Seshadri invites connections and exploration of his work at


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