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Durga Sapta-Shati



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ISBN '9789385020247
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Pages 110
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Durga Sapta Shati

The author has brought to life the classical stories depicting the triumph of good over evil. Durga Sapta Shati, is a collection of short stories on Ma Durga. It is a translation from the Marathi original into English. This labour of love was undertaken in the hope that both Indian and International readers who know English get an opportunity to appreciate the secret treatise on Durga Sapta-Shati. This work aims to familiarize the reader with Hindu Mythology.
The triumph of good over evil is as much a requirement today as it was in the mythical days. All should remember that one can defeat evil.

About The Author

He is a Senior Advocate practising at High Court of Telangana State and The State of Andhra Pradesh at Hyderabad, now the capital of Telangana State. He has rich experience of civil side practice in law with specialization in subjects like Town Planning, Family Law, Demolition cases, Contracts and Mercantile Law including Partnership and Property law. Of late he has achieved merit and specialized in Arbitration matters especially commercial Arbitration. He was responsible for obtaining orders for inventory of moveables against Nizam and also instrumental in setting aside certificate granted by Govt. of India to Nizam as successor to private properties of Nizam. Visit his website http://www.gopalgnaik.com/


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