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A Scientific Look at the Concept of Soul

by Anil Vishnu Moharir


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The world has always been intrigued by the enigmatic. One such mystifying concept that has gripped the human psyche since ages is the concept of ‘soul’. The idea of soul, life after death, and reincarnation has long been a tantalizing subject for religious preachers, scientists, and the common man. In this splendid work, Dr Anil Moharir has presented a holistic, multidisciplinary overview of the much contested subjects of ‘soul’ and ‘rebirth’ guided by his scientific instincts. Readers will get an in-depth understanding of the notions that have always puzzled the world. The book is perhaps the first of its kind to indulge in the analysis of such a difficult, socio-psychologically complex, and emotionally challenging concept prevalent across diverse cultures for thousands of years.

About the Author
Anil Vishnu Moharir (b. 1944 at Nagpur), holds Masters Degree in Physics from the Jiwaji University, Gwalior and Ph.D. from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. He joined IARI-ICAR service in 1968.
Prof. Moharir has published over one hundred twenty research papers in national and international journals, presented several at international conferences held in India, Germany, Belgium and USA as invited Keynote Speaker. He served as Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Agricultural Physics, as a regular referee for several other scientific journals, and as a Panel Scientist for the e-text book project of the National Institute of Science Communication (NISCOM-CSIR). A recipient of prestigious fellowships from the International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna-Austria and the Commission of the European Communities, Brussels-Belgium, Prof. Moharir has successfully handled two international collaborative research projects on cotton. He has travelled extensively in England, Europe, Russia (USSR) and USA.

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  1. Zorba Books

    Your overview ties together many different strands of thought with modern physiology and points to deeper interconnections
    within physics.

    ​Rupert Sheldrake
    Ph.D. Cambridge; Frank Knox Fellow-Harvard University,
    British Researcher, Author and Critic​

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