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Don’t Understand

by Paresh Bhandari


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ISBN 978-93-87456-62-4
Languages English
Pages 120
Cover Paperback
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DON’T UNDERSTAND is a life changing book covering multiple dimensions of living. It is a new approach to address social, cultural, psychological, philosophical, scientific and spiritual topics like STUDY, MARRIAGE, COMMUNALISM, AUM, TIME, LOVE etc.This book motivates to do pioneering work in designing a spiritual index that can show at
which rate mankind is making or destroying lives. The book talks about learning, understanding, experimenting and experiencing, and defines success. With a sense of urgency, the author tries to promote meditation and love so that life gets its essence. This book will provide completeness to not only disoriented lives but also
libraries especially the personal libraries.
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About the Author
The pioneer may be invisible because wonders occur when the person becomes invisible and his ideas start becoming visible. The source of all ideas is Nature, Intellect;ideas just land on the mind who is ready to receive and accept.
From Chapter Six – INTEREST GROUP

The artist, the creator must be invisible; then only can he create something of worth. All creations occur in utter darkness. A seed has to remain buried deep inside the darkness of the soil; a baby has to pass through nine months of darkness inside the womb of its mother. The greatest Creator GOD, himself is invisible. Author is also a creator who creates with pen, an artist who plays with words and puts them to dance.

All authors are great observers and if the observer is hidden, the events don’t get interfered by his presence.
Like guide (guru) and God, author is also single consciousness that manifests itself in some blessed ones. Vyaas (व्यास) is the Indian name for the authority to write. Author belongs to the universal.
Like all artists, authors including this one are sensitive, expressive and might know the art of saying certain things by not saying them. You can see the courage shown in this creative work by being indifferent to whether others understand or not. Real authors are mostly fearless and welcome all types of comments and criticism.

Authors write to achieve satisfaction, to share and convey what they have in their hearts, but remain dissatisfied that they couldn’t say it all. Something always remains unsaid. Like lovers, they feel the pain that something was left or missed or not fully expressed.That which remains unsaid belongs to poetry and becomes mythology.
Sometimes, it may also happen that existence speaks through them; their words seem to contain God’s love, grace, wisdom and intelligence.
Author has great responsibility to disseminate his findings and experiences from nature,books and teachers for providing healthy food for the minds of those who are thirsty to learn and want to exercise their brains. Author is like a guardian to the readers.
He may even heal some readers, motivate, encourage and inspire them.This author is not an exception. He is a channel to healing force also.
He loves you… adores you…. and blesses you…….


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