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Android Firmware Customisation

Android Firmware Customization

by Arvind Choudhary & Ashish Verma


ISBN '9789385020292
Languages English
Pages 230
Cover Paperback


Android Firmware Customization

For the first time in India, we have a book that is an informative, sharp, comprehensive guide to:

• Android’s Basics Architecture, version and features.
• HAL structure of all modules like sensors, bluetooth, wifi, DRM and audio. This modules provide interface between device hardware and software section which includes native, Java Android libraries.
• Exemplifying ADB and ADB shell command which control and operate whole device.
• This book explains ‘how to manage all activities available in the android device with the help Activity Manager & Package manager shell command.’
• Dumpsys shell command provide whole information like activities and packages manager about modules like Wi-Fi, CPU, Bluetooth , camera, Navigator, Battery information.

• Monkey Testing which are shell commands that provide module testing like activity, package or any particular module such as Bluetooth Wi-Fi etc.

• One chapter is devoted to Types of Android ROM & Structure. It provides detailed information about its various ROM (firmware) structures and explains the extraction and compression of each module of ROM.
• Android rooting, covers, testing and how rooting can be performed.
• Explains how to install all android ROM in any device.
• The book ends with the Android OS programming, provides application and interaction with device ROM.

About the Author

Arvind Choudhary, envisages android to be a companionable technology. Arvind Choudhary has worked as the head of Research and Development Department at Ambrane India Pvt. Ltd. He is the co-founder of Infoland Institute of Advance Computing.
His entrepreneurial recognition in Android application and firmware customization, black berry, windows, i-phones J2ME, and microcontroller technology too.
He is a technical graduate, hold his BE from RGPV University Indore. This book is a pointer to Arvind’s experience, understanding of Android systems, professionalism and academic excellence.