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Defence Academics -Online and Virtual learning

Defence Academics -Online and Virtual learning

by Abhishek Datta


ISBN 978938502087
Pages 150
Cover Paperback

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The field of Defense Academics has been a low-key yet an important field contributing immensely to the success in boosting the defenses of a particular realm. Great thinkers like Sun Tzu, Karl Von Clausewitz, Chanakya, Sir Liddell Hart have contributed to this field in a big way.

By going deeper into it both intellects and officers in militaries can study, understand and master various academic subjects that are relevant to the field of Defense and Security of a political entity such as a kingdom, a city- state, a nation-state, a federation etc.

This book explores the validity and usefulness of online education and virtual education concept, in the field of Defence Academics which includes Defence and Security Analysis (DSA) and Military Science respectively.

Online education brings with it many new features which can enhance the teaching and learning methods and hence brings in novelty that can greatly improve the study experience in the above mentioned field.

With the help of emerging technologies, unconventional & maverick ideas and techniques get to be contemplated and worked upon. The author has introduced and covered one such learning methodology enhancing idea based on the virtual learning concept in this book.


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