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Chapter 5 Goodbye Mischief

Chapter 5

Goodbye Mischief


The sound of a truck was heard, early the next morning. A young girl, who looked a few years older than Mia, stepped out of it. She looked anxious. Mia’s mom, welcomed them in.

“Mia!!! The owner’s here to get the monkey!” Mia had woken up before the sun to spend some time with Mischief. They were both up, in the tree house. She climbed down halfheartedly, Mischief on her arms. As soon as they entered, the girl gave a cry and ran to them.

“Lokiiiii!!..” She nearly yelled. The monkey didn’t waste a second. It jumped out of Mia’s hands and fell right into the other girl’s. They hugged for a few minutes. “I thought I really lost you this time. Oh! Thank you for taking him in!” The girl had happy tears in her eyes. She turned to Mia and hugged her. She felt more than a little awkward getting hugged by a total stranger, but she didn’t pull away nonetheless.

Upon Mia’s insistence, the girl, who introduced herself as Clara, agreed to stay till the evening. So they spent the day getting to know each other and playing with Mischief.

Clara found it funny that Loki now had 2 names that were almost the same. She told Mia about the many times Loki lost his way or ran away from home. She described about her life in the circus and how they were always moving.

When the time came to wave them goodbye, Mia felt her eyes fill with tears. They hugged tight. Clara promised to come by sometime with Loki. Soon after, Mia watched as the little monkey who caused them so much trouble and at the same time made them fall in love with him was taken away, to his real home.     

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