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Unbreakable Unity: Threads of Sibling Love

In a land where bonds are strong and true,

Where love and protection bloom anew,

Rakhi’s thread we weave with care,

Symbol of the bond that we both share.

No brother’s hand do I hold in mine,

But a sister’s love, equally divine,

Aastha, you are my guiding light,

Together we stand through day and night.

Raksha, they say, a brother bestows,

But in our hearts, a different love flows,

For sisters can shield, and sisters can mend,

Strength in unity that will never end.

With threads of faith and ties of heart,

We’re each other’s shelter, never to part,

Through life’s journey, hand in hand,

Facing the world, together we stand.

In this timeless tale of sibling grace,

Sister, you light up my life’s embrace,

Rakhi’s essence, a twist redefined,

A bond unbreakable, beautifully entwined.

So as we tie these threads so bright,

Know that you are my strength, my light,

No brother needed for protection’s embrace,

For together, dear sister, we’ll conquer any chase.

With hearts aglow and spirits high,

Under the same vast and endless sky,

Aastha, my sister, forever by my side,

In love and unity, our souls are forever tied.


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  1. Pranshul Bhatnagar says:

    Very nice👌

  2. Alka jain says:

    Heart touching😍❤️

  3. Aastha Jain says:


  4. Nice work 🤩

  5. Aman sharma says:

    Very pleasant lines💫

  6. Arkansas very beautifully written. Rakhi is just not about brothers and sisters but indeed about a deeper bond of relationship between the siblings wherein they believe “I am there for you “

  7. Sangita Kanade says:

    Very nice aakansha. Nicely penned down your feelings.

  8. Alisha Phillips says:

    Very sweet poem <3

  9. Meena Yadav says:

    Well said.☺️

  10. Love it.

  11. Magdalena Brynard says:

    Beautifully written.

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