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Responsibility is the reflection of a person’s calibre.

She leads from the front line with her persona. 

Patients call upon God. God answers in different ways; one of them being her indefatigable spirit and its umpteen tales. 

IPD department is the synonym of miracle where

life confronts her arch rival. 

The turf witness some of the most

intense battles day in and day out.

The horizon knows of her resistance;

the shores faraway have held the loftiest of tides

in its timeline. Next day, a breeze gives glad tidings to the ambiance; 

a newborn makes his way to the scene. 

One more rigorous victory named to her aura. 

Onlookers ask how she conquered the indefatigable;

to which she replies:

don’t look at the mountains above, 

                                look within your soul—

                                 for faith can move mountains.

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Ali Ashhar