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I know a girl

I know a girl, who hates herself, she looks in mirror with disgust. As she pinches the skin ,she sees as a flow. She sighs as she whispers “I’ll never be beautiful and I never make anyone happy.

I know a girl, who smiles as she’s dying inside. She takes in others problems while she can’t make time to deal with her own, As she thinks she can’t do anything right.

I know a girl, who causes pain to relieve pain. She wears a long sleeves of smile as her dress, So no one sees the pain from inside, That will never be engraved on her face forever.

I know a girl, who writes her feelings on paper, to make her feel a little less miserable. Tears roll down on her cheeks as her mind is racing, saying ” I KNOW THIS GIRL, THIS GIRL IS ME.”


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Amrita Tiwari