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Love – Bitter or Sweet

Will you be the f=ma, and build the world of physics around us? 

Will you be the double bonds to my benzene, so we can resonate together? 

If I’m adenosine then, will you be my thymine, so we can pair up to complete a DNA?

If I’m the circle then, will you be my centre, so we can find the equation of love?

If I’m Macbeth, will you be my lady macbeth, so I can paint your world red with the blood of your enemies? 

Will you be the vast science stream in which all my pcmb subjects coexist together? 

Till markovnikov’s rule do part our unsaturated bond and we undergo catabolism by any external force acting upon us.

So, will you be not my ‘valentine’, but my ‘scientine’ this year?

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Annwesha Roy