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Love, Career and Marriage…

'This was the turn in my career, I was always waiting for, but never thought that I would feel so disappointed after securing the most coveted position in corporate.'

Tarun was thinking, barely six months after he joined the Marketing division of an MNC.


He couldn't marry Sonia, his ex-girlfriend, because he was not sure about his career. Now Sonia was married and Tarun got the position he wanted. Still the ending was not happy, neither for Tarun nor for Sonia.

'Sonu, I am sorry, but I wanted to speak to you,' Tarun spoke after a lot of hesitation in dialing Sonia's number.

'What do you want to speak, Tarun? You know I am married.' Sonia replied blatantly.

'I know it's been three months you are Mrs. Mehta. But I called to make sure you are happy.'

'What if, I say I am not.'

'Please Sonu, don't say like that. You don't know how upset I was, the day, you got married.' Tarun expressed his plight.

'Why? Was it that I am going to sleep with someone else and not you?'

'C'mon yaar. It was not that. But the thought of you not being there for me was very painful.'

'But then it was you, who showed the courage to separate when I was getting engaged. Isn't it?'

'Yeah, I agree. I only suggested you to get engaged as I was not sure where my career is going to head.' Tarun admitted.

'But now you got the job that you always wanted to do, right?'

'Yes, I got the job, but lost you. In fact, I lost everything after you left me…, hey, are you listening?'

'Yes, I am listening, exactly as I used to when we were in relationship. Even when you said that you would forget me after I get married, I listened and believed,' Sonia replied.

'Forgive me Sonu. I am sorry, if I am interfering in your married life.'

'Don't be sorry, Tarun. Frankly, I feel that my marriage has interfered in my life,' Sonia seemed low, 'Anyways, how is your new role in new company?'

'Nothing great, Sonu. You know I was always a creative guy, but here there is no scope for creativity. I was fed up of being a Music Jockey, but now I miss being an MJ. Did you miss me, Sonu? I mean… is your husband keeping you happy?'

'He is good. He cares for me, but not the way I want. After all, we are two different individuals. And I realised this very soon after marriage. In my heart I feel that my job is to just meet my husband's needs. Be it household chores or sharing the bed. ' Sonia's words hit Tarun's heart like an arrow.

'I want to see you, Sonu. Please don't say no.'

'That's not possible Tarun. Now I am married, and not like before,' Sonia refuted.

'I understand. But I feel that we both are sailing in the same boat. I mean, I dreamt about this job, but after getting it, I am missing the charm of the old job now. You also got married to get settled in life, but not happy because you are still in love with your past.'

'Maybe you are right, but thinking about past is not going to do any good to my future.' Sonia expressed and the call was disconnected.

Tarun was disappointed, for himself as well as for Sonu. He looked at her DP in his cellphone and murmured,

Thodasa main khafa ho gaya apne aap se, thodasa tujhpe bhi bewajah hi malaal aaye.

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