A compelling idea, each day is so special, sure it arrives like all the others, looks and feels the same too but it’s still unique as it will never come again, times like that come full of promises and leaves you before you even know it.What you do between today’s sunrise and sunset is creating your destiny, your future, your legacy and a single choice you make today can change your life over the coming months and years if consistently acted upon.

Time is the scariest resource, so use it well and life sends you the extraordinary, waste it and your heart feels empty and your life looks hollow.What is most important in life than being yourself & loving who you are…most of us live someone else life , we act out the lives of our parents, partners wish for us or we behave as our neighbor expects us to or society tells us to behave and dismiss happiness .

Fulfillment comes from living your truth, pursuing your dreams.” To thine own self be true” said Shakespeare,. No point in getting to the end & realizing you never let the real you come out to play. A great life grows from an authentic one so keep shining and growing.Every day is special, so honor it, do something great daily, you may think you cannot but you can…if you want to.

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Bhavani sundaram