What is the first thing you do when you wake up??? Do you thank God for a good night and new day or do you reach out for your mobile ???. How many times in the night do you wake up hearing the beeping of your mobile,but are fast asleep to the noises around you???How many meals have you had with family, friends and loved ones where the only sound one could hear was the beeping of messages, beeping of games being played ,and glued look into the phones while food goes cold and you forget that some elders and loved ones are around you who want to hear your voices and not the phones…

An average person checks his/her cell phone over 100 times a day while a phone addict would check an average of 900 times per day.In today’s scenario mobile phones have completely taken over our lifestyle and has led to families leading separate lives, each one is so engrossed into their mobiles that they have no care for what’s happening around them.

What is this craze or addiction that is driving hundreds towards addiction to the phone…they just cannot stay away from it for a minute,be it eating, walking, exercising, praying … they are more linked to the mobile than God and family is left far far behind.

Everyone today is pinned to their cell phones as if they were born with it inside them. According to recent studies, over 50 crore Indians are using smartphones and mobile addictions is affecting people’s lives adversely.

No doubt it has its own advantages, like online shopping, online gaming, connections to people worldwide in just seconds, clicking photos has led to another addiction of posting selfies instantly on Facebook, Instagrams. Selfies itself is another addiction which has led to loss of lives of so many children because of the thrill and craze of clicking photos at the edge of cliff, mountain and other dangerous terrains…they don’t realize that their life is in danger and the pain and anguish they leave behind is unbearable…but just for a few seconds of thrill they give up their lives so easily.

Mobile addiction can destroy our lives if it is not stopped in time, we may tend to overlook this but the fact remains mobile addiction is a big problem today, it is hindering our personal and professional lives and relations, and before its too late we must make an attempt to get rid of it and get back to real life..

Your cell phone has already replaced your camera, your calendar, your alarm clock now don’t let it replace or break your family.

In the end, seeing all the craziness happening around me , I have realized why they are called “Cell Phones” it is because people are and become prisoners of their phones”

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Bhavani sundaram