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A Memorable Event

A memorable event is worth remembering or easy to remember, especially because of being special or unusual. It is an occasion that is notable and generates positive emotion. A memorable event gives us something we want, does so in a way that is new and interesting, generates positive emotion, and is something we want to review and relive in our minds.

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” — Steve Jobs

“The most memorable moments in life are the ones we never took the time to plan.” — KUSHANDWIZOM

“Sometimes, there is no next time. Sometimes, there are no second chances. Sometimes, it’s now or never.” — KUSHANDWIZOM

A memorable event occurred last month in my lifetime is my new book was published by Qurate Book Publishing is a milestone in my journey to share with you in this connection. As a matter of fact, series of activities we do on daily basis and small victories we experience in this process. Every event or occasion has its own value and importance to remember and teaches a lesson to correct us is part of the process. Celebrations inspire and empower us to move forward with great zeal of enthusiasm and shoulders us to feel more responsible and accountable in day-to-day life. It reminds and alarms to update and upgrade as quickly as possible. It makes us to learn and relearn on a consistent basis to elevate and enhance us to the next level in reality. It gives name and fame along with recognition. Recognition gives identity and shouts loudly in public to create our own image in broader way irrespective of our presence across the globe and goes beyond frontiers. Success has its own power. Success is a journey not the destination. Successful people struggle a lot and are ready to face the pains and gains equally. They maintain standards and values are part of their professional activities. They never look for shortcut methods. They create their own path. They stand as role models and trendsetters to set an example to others. They grow as leaders. They create more leaders. Leadership is an art. Leaders are readers. All the readers cannot become leaders. Leaders will celebrate their success with their team members. They grow together. Togetherness gives more strength. It is strong and stable. It lives long. Vision keeps seeing the success well in advance in the form of effort. Effort alone gives fruitful results. Your effort is your valuable contribution. Effort will never go waste. It has its own value. Be value and task oriented. Be result oriented. Nobody bothers about our struggles. Everybody looks only success. You yourself will forget your own struggles for a while after seeing your success. Success has more power. It inspires and empowers us. People will expect more and more from you. Once you taste your success you never look back. Series of events will occur on daily basis. Each and every moment is memorable in real life. Time is precious. Utilize the time and resources to maximum extent. Past is past. It will never come back. Your present is yours. Live in your present. Your present gives full value. Live and love yourself. Love your work

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