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Brain expansion

Brain expansion is a great concept! One has to expand the brain in multiple ways! It is essense and useful tool in reality. God has given us an opportunity to think in a better manner to do the best in given situation and circumstances with the available resources in a given time is worth mentioning here on this occasion. Knowledge is essential. It gives us everything. It makes us to understand to know the ground reality and perform better to face the challenges that occur on daily basis gives us an opportunity to learn more and more to improve in a better way keeps us in safe zone and elevates us to the next level in real life. Human values are utmost important while processing the brain expansion as human we should bear in mind to follow the basic values, needs, facilities, resources, time schedule, capacity, volume, importance, usage, plays major role to plan and implement it in an effective and efficient manner to fetch the fruitful results in most of the cases and majority of the people will benifit and it is worthwhile to mention. The foremost thing what we should keep in our mind is before doing something our intention should be good enough and be useful to the society at large and people should be benefited with our action makes some sense and gives some meaning in a desired manner helps everyone. Be realistic! Be genuine! Be honest! Be helpful! Be confident! Be courageous! Be determined! Be dedicated! Be sacrifice! Be good and do good! Be excellent! Be faithful! Be justified! Be alert! Be aware! Be wise! Be kind enough! Be lovable! Be loyal! Be pleasure! Be qualified! Be responsible! Be strong! Be skillful! Be satisfied! Be trustworthy! Be task oriented! Be understood! Be useful! Be valuable! Be with zeal makes an impact in the minds of others and people will invite us if we have these qualities to create an innovative concept gives better results for good cause makes it happen in practice. Practical experience gives an idea to know better and improve us in many ways. It gives clarity. It helps to expand further when time passes and moves will help us in many ways.

Public speaking is an art one has to cultivate and develop this quality by learning thru various means gives an opportunity to learn and improve on our own then creates confidence and courage by practicing on regular basis makes to organize and develop the system in such a way that our entrepreneur skills will motivate us in a systematic and dynamic manner provides zeal and enthusiasm to accomplish our goals in desired manner elevates us to the next level in real life. It has to be cultivated right from childhood makes an individual to grow as useful citizen of this great universe. Encouraging young people with positive attitude helps them to prove and exhibit their skills where required is part of elders duty and responsibility by showing a path to move in right direction makes them to grow in peaceful environment with winning mindset gives them bright opportunity to understand and establish themselves as responsible and accountable human beings on this earth. It is needless to say that the discipline is the root cause of everything. It makes an individual to flourish and grow as bright star in the near future is stressed here with good intention. The future is in the hands of young achievers. Let us protect!

Honesty, loyalty, reliability, faithfulness, positive attitude, burning desire, willfulness, trustworthiness, skill development, discipline, dedication, determination, sacrifice, behavior, conduct and character, excellence, gratitude, godwill, learning, time bounding, understanding, values, wisdom, zeal and enthusiasm, digital technology, artificial intelligence, machine learning, goal setting, communication skills are part of good qualities one has to possess to plan and perform well in an effective and efficient manner to fetch the fruitful results in reality makes an individual to elevate further and enance to the next level in real life. It helps to grow as leader and makes the path towards victory. success helps to grow as leader and creates the leadership qualities to prove as leader by dedicating, determining, resolving, sacrificing, and focusing more towards the goals for achieving them in specific manner with the available resources in a given time is worthful to mention here. Thought process is ultimate! An idea can change this world. Brain expansion is nothing but application of brain at every stage, at all times, on all occasions will prove that we are wise and think in a systematic and dynamic manner gives respect.

Experience makes an impact in reality. It elevates us to think in a better way based on our experience. Your life itself is your experience. You are the best teacher for yourself. You know the ground reality better than anybody else in this world. Because you are the person with you all the time. None other than you can only imagine and feel to express something based on the information available or heard in reality. The bear truth will come out thru you only because you are the witness for every reason on every occasion at every stage is bear fact. It only fulfills and makes you rich to plan well and perform better in an effective and efficient manner with the help of your experience is the eye witness and gives the true results in reality. Your experience will teach better than anybody. Fulfill your life with your experience which is more effective than anything else in this world. You are the best judge and root cause of everything. It keeps you in right shape at right time with right people for the right cause to achieve the right results is the right way of approach. Never jump into the decisions fast and have patience wait for the time think peacefully then proceed. Do not expect overnight results. Nothing happens in hurry!

Mindful wisdom gives mindful thoughts! Never fill your mind with full of unwanted and unnecessary things in mind makes us with stress and strain with lot of disturbance keeps away from peace and prosperity. Try to be noiseless to the extent possible from all gadgets and make your mind fresh gives you peace of mind. It helps to lead good life in green world. Be close to mother nature and spend some time in sun rays gives you good health. It makes you strong and stable to generate power with great zeal of enthusiasm in order to face the challenges that occur on daily basis. Morning exercise feels fresh and the day is filled with energy and positive attitude makes us to fulfill our desires in a desired manner keeps us joy and pleasure in reality. Wisdom is ultimate! Mindful exercise gives mindful results. Willful exercise gives willful results. Results are ultimate. One has to bear in mind to what extent they keep us happy is utmost important. Look for better things with simple living and humble thoughts makes you happy and gives pleasure. Satisfaction is ultimate. Be satisfied with the available sources in given time and do your best, give your best, hope for the best, you will get the best. Believe! Proceed!

Doubt kills dreams in many ways! Dream big achieve big without any doubt! The effort alone can give anything in this world. Never forget the effort. Your effort is your valuable asset. It has its strength. It makes you to wake up early and plan well to perform in an effective and efficient manner to fulfill your dream in all respects at a given time with full of joy and pleasure has some sense and gives meaning to your life. Never compromize with small things and look big and do big then achieve big you will get a big basket. Vision hellps to learn and achieve more in reality. Quitters will never win! Winners will never quit! Live with your day dream which makes it possible to happen in reality. Always find the ways to think and perform better without any fear gives wonderful results. Set a goal and try to perform it to achieve otherwise you will be useful to fulfill other’s goals instead you make your own goal and try to fulfill it in all respects makes some sense and it gives some meaning to lead your life as an achiever, as a successful person, as a trendsetter, as the performer you are the winner. Winning mindset gives everything in reality. Will gives thrill! Thrill gives skill! Skill makes it happen in reality. That’s all!

Effective communication with better understanding gives more knowledge and helps to move forward with great zeal of enthusiasm with determination and dedication to sacrifice and focus more on our desired goals to reach our destination safely and securely well in time is the best way of approach. It helps us to diversify and transform in dynamic and systematic manner helps to grow and prosper with positive attitude makes us to reach positive people with positive thoughts and acquire the positive results in reality. Official trailer always throws some light to remove darkness and keep us away from all our doubts and gives clarity to proceed further without any worrys. It makes us to involve personally to have better clarity to know more about the subject and helps to learn more thru various means is the main purpose and the object is fulfilled in many ways. It also gives an opportunity to learn and improve further to correct and rectify if any in future. Learning is a continuous process one has to cultivate this habit with positive attitude. Matrurity is learning. We can observe with deep understanding great heart always tells us be silent and act wisely to perform better and give your best with the available sources in given time.

No one can watch us 24X7 in this world except camaras. It is always better to cultivate a positive attitude. It helps us to live in disciplined manner with integrity and honesty. Honesty is the best policy. One can grow to the peak if we are a consistent performer it makes us to live in a dignified manner. Do the right things in right time at right place with right manner gives the right results in real life. One has to understand and realize that it is God given gift. Let us show our gratitude towards God for the opportunity given to live in this world and consider that every day is a great opportunity to prove ourselves as useful and outstanding personality to achieve something better than yesterday. That itself gives us zeal to proceed further and improve in a reasonable and genuine manner to keep up to date and upgrade us to help and elevate further to the next level in reality. Effort alone makes us to be effective and efficient to plan well and perform better in systematic and dynamic manner to fetch the fruitful results and gives an immense pleasure and satisfaction. Satisfaction plays a role! A satisfied person is better than a successful person in this world. Our end goal should be at the end of day we should feel happy.

Success, failure, happiness, agony, love and affection, live and let live, kindness, positive attitude, living together, sharing each other are part of the process! Let us lead the life in our own way as we design and we like let it go with God’s grace coupled with our effort makes it happen in its direction is a fact. Thought process makes everything. Your idea is your weapon. It is in your hands to handle and utilize it where and when required to get the best out of your effort with positive attitude in a direction you like and get the result. Be prepared and accept the same in a gentle way. Because the idea, plan, action, effort, process everything is yours. You are the director and everything is done in your direction. You should shoulder the responsibility in all respects and accountable for everything. No outside interference is allowed. Do not blame any one for your own actions and accept the results in a genuine manner. Fill with courage, confidence, belief, determination, dedication, sacrifice, and focus more on your desired goals to set and work smart to fetch the fruitful results in reality. It happens! It works out! It gives the results the way how you believed. Your effort will never go waste. It has its own value.

Mindset is ultimate! Positive mindset helps us to reach the positive people to acquire positive thoughts and achieve the positive results. Thought process helps us to think in better manner based on our desire we create in our mind and win it with our ideas to plan and perform in a better manner which helps to perform in the form of action makes us to happen in reality. Win-win strategy helps to grow better and gives the best understanding to move forward with our desired goals to achieve in real life. Everything starts from you only. You are the root cause of everything to happen and get the results in the way how you like and think is the key for success. Winning mindset helps to win in a better manner. Positive attitude gives positive results. Effort is must! Your effort is your valuable asset. Effort alone can give the best results in reality. Consistent effort gives consistent results. Willful exercise gives the willful results. Mindful exercise gives the mindful results. Focus helps us to determine and dedicate to sacrifice and experience gives confidence and courage to proceed further in order to fetch the fruitful results at ground level to undertstand better and digest things to create ground and achieve results.

Creativity, innovation, inspiration, attitude, burning desire, commitment, determination, dedication, sacrifice, execution, faithfullness, goalsetting, humbleness, integrity, joy, kindness, love, politeness, reliability, strong willpower, skill development, trustworthiness, unity, values, wisdom, zeal and enthusiasm leads us towards success. Success is a journey not the destination. It inspires us to move forward to achieve our desired goals with strategic planning to reach our destination safely and securely well in time is the right way of approach. Action plays the role! Experience makes it happen! Your life is your experience. You are the best teacher for yourself. Self motivation is the best way of approach. Self evaluation and appreciation makes us to move one step forward to reach miles and miles towards our journey. Practice makes us perfect. Togetherness gives strength. It elevates us to the next level in reality. It helps to learn more thru various means. Performance is key for success. Be inspired to be inspired is a great tag one has to follow to get the inspiration which helps us to motivate and create burning desire to think in better manner and perform to fetch the fruitful results in real life. Will gives thrill! Thrill gives skill! Skill inspires and make it happen!

Struggle alone can lead us coupled with God’s grace makes us to lift to the next level in reality. It helpls to the young entrepreneurs to show their interest and express willingness to move in this direction gives an idea to work out with transformation makes them to create wonders in reality. Your life is your experience. You are the best judge for yourself. You only can speak the truth than others. You are the witness of your own event. You saw it in depth everything. Ups and downs are common in daily acitivities. Never discourage, degrade, misunderstand, illfeel, yourself under any circumstances instead try to replace it with love, joy, skill, effort, knowledge, confidence, courage, determination, dedication, sacrifice, positive attitude, burning desire, commitment, character, act, belief, excellence, gratitude, honesty, humbleness, humanity, involve, improve, learn, like, manage, peace, politeness, prosper, respect, trust, request, recharge, respond, relearn, strength, thought process, unity, values, wisdom, zeal and enthusiasm gives more energy to generate the power within makes GYM as the most dynamic leaders of this universe. Performance alone can bring some change in reality. Prove! Practice! Perform! Transform! Inform!

If you want to feel happiness you should be away from hatred as much as possible to become free from all worries and live simply humble and honest gives more peace with less expectations makes our life joy and pleasure in all respects, at all times, on all occasions is the right way of living in this universe. Try to live close to reality and Mother Nature. It gives good health. As long as if we do not expect nobody bothers about us. Do not forget to give something to this world. Giving gives more happiness than what we take. When we are taking something from somebody it means we are liable and consider to be as debtor. Try to be as creditor always. It gives full satisfaction and makes you happy. At the same time you can reduce the hatters as much as possible in this world. Always remember that while coming to this world we came with empty hands. While going also we go with nothing. It is thumb rule one has to bear in mind all the times. Then only you can feel happy and lead a peaceful and joyful life in this world. Do your best, give your best, hope for the best is the right way of approach. Effort will never go waste. They have their own strength. Your effort is your valuable asset. Your asset is your valuable effort. Live long!

Conciousness exists in our brain in the form of awareness, wakefulness, responsiveness, mindfulness, realization, perception, cognizance, wisdom, and apprehension are some of the best examples we can quote here on this occasion. It sharpens our brain in a natural form to create an opinion on particular event when something happens in reality makes us to think in different directions in different ways with different perceptions will coneect the brain and the heart. The brain gives experience of conciousness thru our eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and touch itself seems to be required a brain based mind to recognize it. The inner personality, individuality, true being, life force, or soul and the body will unified the experience of consciousness as an individual. It helps us to be conscious at all times on all occasions at every stage as a living thing. Thoughts and emotions will generate the feeling of our existense and produce them. They are our inner voice and come out when we want to express something to the outside world in the form of dialogue to deliver in an expressed manner makes us to speak out in a desired manner. Human consciousness is nothing but nature of our own awareness as human beings as long as we live in this world.

Fine Arts is God given gift! At the early age of one and half years start drawing and painting is not an easy task! Identifying the skills by parents is like another side of a coin. Parents will play a key role in this respect. They are the first people to observe and give a major support to the kids on any field for that matter a child has to be encouraged and provide the facilities where required in the given circumstances with the available resources is worth mentioned here on this occasion. Timely action gives timely results. Creativity is must in any field. It adds the inspiration in the form of burning desire makes an individual to grow with positive vibrations by observing with clean mind and better understanding helps to grow and elevate in right direction with practical knowledge and experience gives an opportunity to prove ourselves as a powerful individual in their respective fields is the bear fact. As a matter of fact, true stories gives inspiration and motivates an individual to discover and put the sincere effort to follow the path created by successors is the right way of approach and help to fetch the fruitful results in reality. A little support and guidance makes an impact on the part of youth to large extent.

Beleive! Belief gives everything! It inspires and gives strength! It keeps with hopes and aspirations. It fills with dreams and desires. Dreams lead us forward to think in right direction with right people at the right place with right cause to acquire the right results is the right way of approach. Nature place a key role in our daily life. It is always better to live close to Mother Nature. It gives us fresh air, water, relief, livingthings, and provide calm and clean environment to all living things is worth mentioned here on this occasion. Protecting environment is our prime object. We are part of the Nature. If we protect the environment it protects us. Natural resources are God given gift. We should save and give it to our future generations as gift. It is our culture. Let us respect and preserve the natural resources and conserve. Nature looks beautiful! It makes us to feel better. As a result we can get energy with peace of mind. It leads to good health. Health is better than wealth. A healthy person will be active and create useful things to the people who lives with us in this world. It is collective effort. We together can perform better than individual. Togetherness gives more strength. It lives long. It makes strong.

It is always better to think in solving the poblem whether it may be ours or others once you determine to do no one can stop you in this world. Never divert your attention on unnecessary and unwanted things to bring in to your mind which is of no use at all on either way will not fetch the fruitful results in reality. Better to focus more on our desired goals to improve and learn more to apply in a right way in right time at the right place for the right cause to achieve the right results is the right way of approach. Deep thinking gives indepth knowledge and helps to understand better to know the ground reality while dealing with others. To say frankly you only know what is inside you than others and you can only analyze and establish the facts in reality when compared to others. They can guess and understand what they see and learn thru others to come to know the facts is very limited and not full. It is the fact! One has to agree and follow accordingly. It is better not to think too much on others and feel unnecessarily for unwanted and useless things which are no way useful either to us or others as well. Instead it is always better to spend and invest your time on you and try to improve yourself in such a way that be useful.

Never allow to depreciate your value either by yourself or by anyother force under any circumstances. Values are most essential to lead happy and peaceful life in this world. Be value oriented! Be respected! Respect yourself and respect others. It is the primary requirement. It can not be created overnight or instantly. It takes some time to create a value on somebody or the other. Time proves everything. We have to cultivate the positive attitude to keep up. Thought process helps to grow in a better manner. Application of brain is important while dealing with others. Apply common sense and deal accordingly. Help ever hurt never is the best policy. Never look for short cut methods. Take some reasonable time to understand the situation and proceed to consider. Never jump in to the conclusions spontaneously. It leads us towards difficult situation. It creates obstacles and hurdles to face the problems. Never give a chance for misunderstanding under any circumstances. Slow and steady wins the race is the best policy. Talk less and work more. Give more and expect less. Then nobody bothers about you. A satisfied person is better than a successful person. Be happy with what we have. Brain expansion gives peaceful way of approach. Be happy.

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