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Digital technology

Digital India makes us paperless. As a matter of fact it helps to protect nature to a large extent. As a result lot of space is available not to protect and preserve the records physically. it saves time and human resources as well. It is easy to preserve and provide the accurate information by saving the documents digitally in computer. Let us realize the value of digital technology. Government of India is taking all necessary steps to encourage and move forward for digital transactions across the country. Let us initialize to move with Government to create the better India in world map ours also is digitalized par with developed countries. Be as an optimistic! Hope for the best! Realize the facts also before talking something ours is a big nation with 130 crores population when compared to others. Change should start from us. Just think! Who will cat the bell! It is a collective effort. Team work plays the role. All of us are responsible for todays position. Everything will take its own time. Let us wish and hope that we cross the mile stone soon! Believe!

Love yourself! Love your Nation! Love all! Most of us will not accept immediately to change. Majority of us will try to adjust with the existing set up. The basic reason to have this type of attitude is we want to live in comfort zone. Our mind will not accept and encourage to do differently to think innovatively to take risk while performing to face the challenges which may occur in due course in order to meet our desired goals. No doubt change is hard at first. We have to digest and struggle accordingly. Struggle alone can yield the best results in our day to day events. No doubt it creates confusion in the middle and gives us tension. Application of brain is most important. Think wisely. Act promptly. Move forward with great zeal to face the consequences in order to meet the desired goals are highly appreciated. Change is must and mandatory in real life. Without change we will be chased out. Transform yourself. Burning desire helps us to transform and work differently to achieve our goals well in time. It gives inspiration for innovative thinking.

It will change the thought process. It makes us to learn and improves our knowledge. Knowledge helps us to understand others. Knowledge makes us to share our views with others. It gives scope for growth and development. Change! Most of us live in comfort zone! Because it is risk free, safe, secure, stable and constant to lead our lives Peacefully and happily. There are no ups and downs. It gives peace of mind. It keeps us happy. We live with pleasure. The life moves smoothly. It is purely individual choice whether to continue and stay in comfort zone or not. If an individual wants to grow it is better to come out of comfort zone and join in learning zone. In between fear zone is there. It creates several doubts whether we can learn new skills or not? Even if we learn can we get the better opportunities or not.? Even if we get the new opportunity can we prove or not? Series of doubts will arise one after one. It is quite natural. As a matter of fact learning zone gives us plenty of opportunities to know about the world in better way. Even in comfort zone we can learn something new when time permits and improve ourselves to great extent. Where there is a will there is a way. Necessity is the mother of invention. We can extend our comfort zone thru learning by facing the challenges and problems which occur on day to day basis gives us an experience which leads us to the growth zone. Here we can set our desired goals to fulfill our dreams in the best way.

Action plays the role! It makes us to move forward! It gives an inspiration! It helps us to put a step forward which makes us to reach new heights in real life. It creates fire! It generates zeal and enthusiasm. It creates confidence. It gives courage. It helps us to determine and dedicate towards our goal in order to face the challenges irrespective of the hurdles and obstacles we are going to face in due course. It creates burning desire. It gives an idea. An idea can change the entire world. Sky is the limit. It motivates us to reach new heights in real life. Self motivation is the best way of approach. Motivate yourself. Evaluate yourself. Learn yourself. Prepare yourself. Perform yourself. Appreciate yourself. Examine yourself. Equip yourself. Qualify yourself. You are the best in this world. You are the achiever. You are the successor. You are the performer. Your performance will speak better than you. It gives recognition. You are the star performer. It gives satisfaction. If you want gold you should dig deeply. You can not get it on surface. There is no short cut method for success. Consistence performance alone can yield the best results. Your respect will increase in the minds of others. Be polite! Be humble! Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow are three important things in our daily life which indicates the past, present and future. All are equally important. Do not live too much in your past and do not anxious more in your future. At the same time spend more in the present. Past is past. It has gone. It will never come back. It gives us an experience. Utilize that experience in an effective manner in your present activity most effectively to build the future. As a matter of fact your present determines your future. Plan well and implement it effectively to move forward with great zeal of enthusiasm to reach your goal well in time. Put your sincere effort in order to get the best out of it. Effort alone gives us result. Be task oriented. Be result oriented. Be as an optimistic. Be as an achiever. Be as a learner. Hope for the best. Wait for the opportunity. Everything will take its own time. Have patience. Utilize the available resources in a given time. Be happy with what you have. Focus more on what you wish and determine to get the things done in a systematic and dynamic manner. Satisfy yourself! A satisfied person is better than a successful person. Health is better than wealth. Just believe! You will get peace of mind! It is true! Fixing responsibility and accountability are twin words like two eyes, two ears, two hands, two legs in our body and it makes an individual to become more powerful and give lot of strength to get the job done in a dynamic manner. It inspires an individual to fulfill the obligations well in time with quality and quantity. It is like a goal setting to complete the task in all respects with specific, measurable, achievable, reachable and time bounding. It gives large scope to build the team work. It creates team spirit to reach the target well in time. It gives scope to measure the assigned task in a systematic way to fulfill the desired goal most effectively and efficiently.

Freedom gives to apply the brain and spend considerable time to put the sincere effort to accomplish the task assigned in a reasonable manner. Skill levels will upgrade by having sufficient knowledge on particular job when it specified clearly in an understanding manner. Knowledge is ultimate. It gives scope to grow well. It makes us to understand better. It helps to share with others. Sharing is caring. If you share more you will get more. It increases our respect in society. It gives recognition. Recognition gives us lot of inspiration and satisfaction. It indicates the mindset! It indicates the attitude! It indicates the values! It shows your passion! It shows your creativity! It shows humanity! It shows individuality! It shows the leadership quality! It shows the ability! It shows the skill level! It shows where you stand! It shows the power of understanding! It shows the knowledge! It shows communication! It shows determination! It shows dedication! It shows the desire! It shows planning. It shows strength. It shows success rate! It shows courage! It shows confidence! It shows implementation! It shows strategy! It shows the level of inspiration! It shows management development! It shows the thought process! It also indicates the over all personality! To say in one word what you are! Change yourself! Elevate yourself! Think differently! Equip yourself! Have positive attitude! Aware and acquire knowledge! Keep updated! Train yourself! Practice makes us perfect! Love yourself and your work. If you love your work it loves you in the form of success. Duty is Divine. Work is Worship. Do your Duty. Do it now is the best policy. Hope for the best. Believe! Your effort will never go waste. Effort is your valuable asset. Nobody can steal it. Necessity is the mother of invention. First try to do what is necessary? It helps us to create more tools to do better. While working we will get the ideas to make changes in the existing set up for betterment. Then we look for instruments to get from various sources. It creates the channel to approach others and share our views seek their help to establish it in an organized manner.

Starting itself is the good sign which indicates auspicious and pleasant moments. It helps to reach people fast. It keeps us to think wisely in order to meet our desired goals. People will also start appreciating us for good cause. They will contribute and do their best by supporting us in various means whether directly or indirectly. Nature also contributes in its own way to keep the world in safe and secured zone. As a matter of fact it is the collective effort. No individual can get the things done on his/her own. You can only start and the rest will be taken care on its own. Believe! Belief makes everything! It gives lot of scope to inspire and create the fire within you! Fire brings burning desire! It makes us to think and determine to move forward with lot of zeal and enthusiasm to reach our destination well in time. Develop positive attitude. Action gives results. Be active and do it immediately. Do not wait for something to happen. It may take its own time. We do not know what happens by that time. Instead it is better to save time and do it right now. Live in the present. Do not postpone the things. Postponement may cause delay and may not happen at all. Instead it is better to start and proceed to move forward with great zeal and enthusiasm to get the results as desired.

There is no perfect time. Every minute is more valuable and effective. It is in our hands to utilize to reach in safe zone. Keep on doing regularly. One day or the other you will reach your destination. That is the power of performance. Consistence performance alone can yield the best results. Things will set right automatically. Nothing will wait for anybody. It has to move. The process is like this. It is the law of principle. If you put one step forward it makes you to reach miles and miles in order to reach your destination well in time. It is the secret of success. There is no short cut method for success. Perform, achieve, success are the key words to bear in mind in real life. Work alone can prove yourself! Work is Worship! Duty is Divine! Do your duty! Give your best! Hope for the best! You will get the best out of it! Your work itself will prove the world what you are! No introduction is required! Results are ultimate! Your results will speak better than you. They have voice! They can speak louder than you. They have value with high power. They can spread anywhere in the world. They move faster than us. That is the power of will! Where there is will there is a way. Willful exercise gives willful results. Mindful exercise gives mindful results. Work alone can yield the fruitful results. It leads us towards success journey. Success is a journey not the destination. It gives the leadership qualities. It improves the skill development. It makes us to learn more and more. Learning is a life long process. It makes us to evolve and equip ourselves to establish and appreciate to inspire and get the best results in reality. Effort alone can yield the fruitful results. Your effort is your valuable asset. Consistent effort gives consistent results. Technology helps to a great extent to apply the techniques in modern world. Try to acquire more knowledge thru machine learning. Digital technology helps a lot! 

Digital technology has radically transformed almost every aspect of human life in recent years, including communications, the workplace, entertainment, travel, banking, and shopping. Websites, Buying and Selling Online, Smartphones, Digital Televisions, Video Streaming, eBooks, Digital Music, Geolocation, Blogs, Social Media, Computers, Printers, Self-Scan Machines, ATMs, Digital Cameras, Cars and Other Vehicles, Clocks, Robotics, Drones and Guided Missiles, Banking and Finances.

The internet itself is the function of multiple pieces of digital technology, and websites are one of the most common ways that people access it. Websites give us all sorts of information and have become increasingly interactive.

Shopping online continues to grow and provide consumers with increasing choice and value. You can buy from a large retailer at the other end of the country, or from an individual in your home town. Likewise, selling online can be carried out large scale as a commercial enterprise, or just to make a little cash from selling an individual item you no longer need.

The introduction of mobile phones revolutionized communications, both through voice and texting. Now we have smartphones, which incorporate many other types of digital technology such as cameras, calculators, and mapping. Phone apps are expanding consumer options even more.

Digital technology has transformed televisions in numerous ways. For starters, both the picture and audio quality have undergone dramatic improvements. Modern televisions can also be used to stream movies and shows, rather than just receive programs via an antenna or cable connection.

Video streaming can be used for numerous purposes. You can watch movies or shows online. You can chat with people online and see them live using applications such as Skype, or web-based services such as Zoom. You can watch or stream live events using live streaming. Sites such as YouTube provide numerous other viewing options for information or entertainment. Steaming technology can increasingly be accessed through a variety of devices, including computers, televisions, and smartphones.

Digital alternatives to traditional print are now plentiful. This enables users to access a multitude of reading materials from a single, portable device, so there’s no longer the same need to carry around a lot of bulky, heavy books. It’s easy to alter the font size and style to suit reader preferences. Plus, unlike with print books, there are no trees cut down to make them.

Digital audio arrived for consumers in the shape of compact disks, providing much greater sound quality than traditional analog. Nowadays, most music listeners stream their audio from the web, or buy and download tracks in the form of compressed audio formats such as MP3. The process of recording, editing, and promoting music have also been transformed.

The combination of satellite and digital technology means that the location of a device, such as a mobile phone, GPS device, or internet-connected computer, can be calculated very accurately. This information can then be used with other digital applications, such as mapping technology, to provide users with relevant information related to their location.

Digital technology has enabled the creation of blogs, which are now commonly found across the web. These regularly updated websites usually contain personal reflections, typically written in an informal style. They are also increasingly interactive, containing links to videos and other media, and are often accompanied by readers’ comments.

Social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, have seen an explosion in popularity in recent years. They bring together multiple pieces of digital technology to enable users to interact via text, photos, video, as well as form social groups. Social media applications rely almost entirely on user-generated content.

Laptops, tablets, desktops, and other forms of computer depend upon digital technology to function. Originally computers were huge and used mainly by large companies and scientific projects for performing complex calculations and storing large amounts of information. Nowadays, they are much more compact, as well as powerful, and can perform a multitude of tasks.

Printers are another digital device that are so commonplace nowadays that we pretty much take them for granted. Although in recent years, information increasingly tends to be stored rather than printed, life without these output devices would still be difficult to imagine. We also shouldn’t forget 3D printers, which are increasingly presenting both new opportunities and challenges.

These machines have become increasingly common as they become more sophisticated and scanning technology such as RFID gradually replaces barcodes. Common examples include self-scanning of shopping products when buying at a store, and going through passport control in certain international airports.

ATMs were invented in London in 1967 and since then have become ubiquitous, giving people a quick and easy way to access their bank accounts. Modern ATMs can be used for such things as cash withdrawals, to check bank balances, deposit money, or credit mobile phones.

These devices have much greater versatility than traditional cameras, especially when used in conjunction with other digital technology. Digital images are easier to store, organize, edit, email, and print. Most digital cameras can also capture video too.

Modern cars have computers at their core to monitor and adjust the engine, control safety systems, as well as operate comfort, convenience, and security systems. Other vehicles such as boats and aircraft rely even more heavily on computers for their functionality. As technology continues to develop, it is only a matter of time before self-driving vehicles become the norm.

Digital clocks have a number of advantages over traditional analog clocks: They don’t make a ticking sound; they are easy to read, even in the dark; and the alarms go off at the precise time that you set them. They can also be combined with radios, so that you wake up to your favorite show.

As digital robotic technology becomes more sophisticated, it becomes more widely used. Robotic machines can already be commonly found in the manufacturing industry. They are also used for tasks that are dangerous to humans, such as detecting and defusing bombs.

Scientists are also working on nanorobots, tiny robots that can be injected into the human body to carry out medical investigations and procedures.

There are many military uses for digital technology. Drones and guided missiles incorporate digital technology in order to operate effectively. Drones are typically directed in real time by a remote human controller. Missiles use digital technology for their guidance, targeting, and flight systems.

Many people now do most of their banking either on their computer, or their phone. There are apps for a range of other things too, such as checking your credit score, or paying your credit card bill. Apps such as PayPal allow you to transfer money, take payments, and pay bills. If you need an app for investing money, or helping you to save money and pay your taxes, digital technology enables this too. Source : Turbo future.

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