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Genuine Leadership

Effectiveness, Faithfulness, Skillful, Awareness.

“A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

An individual who can inspire, empower, enhance, elevate, improve thought process through awareness with others is called a real leader. Leadership is not a title or badge to display. It needs involvement, excitement, availability makes the leader to safe guard their own people lives long in the hearts of followers. Determination and dedication with sacrifice makes the leader to focus more on desired goals to save the community. Growth and development is the main concept of the leader to take care of their own people at all times, on all occasions, at every stage gives an immense pleasure and satisfaction. Leadership is a gut exercise. Everyone can not become a leader. The leader is a reader. All the readers can not become leaders in real life. Being a leader one has to learn and understand better to know the ground realities to plan well and perform better in an effective and efficient manner to update and upgrade on regular basis. Consistent effort gives consistent results. Effective communication helps to grow as leader by sharing the views with others. A leader should have vision and strategic way of approach. Then only things will happen in reality. Trustworthiness is the top priority. Help ever hurt never is the best policy.

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