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How do you define success?

The accomplishment of an aim or purpose:

“There is a thin line between success and failure”· “The region has had some success in attracting light industry”.

A person or thing that achieves desired aims or attains fame, wealth, etc.

“To judge from league tables, the school is a success” · “overall the fair was a great success” · “I must make a success of my business.”

Success isn’t about how much money you make, it’s about the difference you make in people’s lives. — Michelle Obama

I want to define success by redefining it. For me it isn’t that solely mythical definition — glamour, allure, power of wealth, and the privilege from care. Any definition of success should be personal because it’s so transitory. It’s about shaping my own destiny. — Anita Roddick

The best revenge is massive success. — Frank Sinatra

Failure is not the opposite of success; it is part of success. — Arianna Huffington

I define success as being comfortable with yourself and your life. And that is about as good as it gets, really. — Treat Williams

Success is a journey not the destination. It depends on various factors. It needs zeal and enthusiasm coupled with willpower makes to plan and perform better and the best. Discipline is the root cause of everything. Consistency gives confidence and courage to move forward and set a goal to reach our destination then focus more on our desired goals to accomplish with SWOT analysis. Know your strength and weakness. Measure everything in terms of end result and visualize in strategic way makes to create a path in an innovative and dynamic approach makes it happen in reality. Success is not yours alone. It is a combination of known and unknown sources are there behind your success. Show your gratitude. Pray the Almighty immediately after getting up from your bed to rise up and dress up to spend some time with mother nature. Breath yourself a fresh air while enjoying the sun rays through the woods, stems, leaves and flowers will give you more strength to move forward and continue your journey to do the normal work as part of your duty in rest of the day. By that time when you complete your lunch the sun rays will fall on our head and moves on the shadow creates “D” Vitamin in your body which gives strength to complete the remaining work. When reaches evening the sun will fall down and complete your task to reach the river bed tells you that your day is going to meet the personal needs to spend some time with your friends, family members and so on. Like this the day will be over. It is always better to divide our day’s work in three parts. The first eight hours will be allotted to your work. The next eight hours will be spent with family, friends, and personal needs. The remaining hours will go for rest to sleep in night. If we balance our life style like this as personal, professional, social, family, and spiritual gives us great relief with peace of mind. Be simple and humble. Honesty is the best policy. A satisfied person is better than a successful individual. Be happy every moment. Enjoy the life. 🙏

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