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Human values

Be valuable! It is priceless! We can not measure with anything with value! It has its value! If we are valuable everything comes to us on its own. We need not run behind anything in this world. It makes us more responsible and activate to feel better and attract more. The power of value is such. Human values are utmost important! Value gives strength. It elevates us to peak! It brightens like a star in sky and reach high. Leadership quality will grow with value and enable us to think better and perform better with positive attitude. It creates confidence and gives respect in the minds of others. We live forever in their hearts with value. Value gives us learning mindset. It helps to develop the winning mindset. Winners will never quit! It gives vision and helps to plan well. Planning and implementation are part of leadership quality. It gives courage and confidnce to face challenges that occur in our day to day world. Technology helps to get more information. It heps us to understand better to know the ground reality. Knowledge is abundent. It is like a flowing river. The river will never flow reverse! It is auspicious! Similarly values are more valuable like mother nature, We have to cultivate this habit right from childhood. 

Discipline, dedication, determination, sacrifice, attitude, ability, awareness, accomplishment, behavior, belief, braveness, character, commitment, excellence, enthusiasm, effort, faithfulness, forward thinking, follow-up, gratitude, good governance, gentleness, generocity, goodwill, honesty, humbleness, integrity, involvement, individuality, intelligence, inspiration, aspiration, justification, judgement, kindness, knowledge, loyalty, love, maturity, meditation, networking, organization, peace and prosperity, politeness, prayers, heartfulness, quality, quickness, qualification, reliability, respect, responsibility, recognition, strength, strong willpower, skill development, spirituality, selflessness, success, trustworthyness, training, time management, task orientation, unity, understanding capacity, values, wisdom, and zeal are some qualities one should possess to become more valuable person in this world. Always bear in mind if we lost our wealth nothing is lost! If we lost our health something is lost! If we lost our character everything is lost! Building character is a great quality! One has to inculcate right from childhood! Parents, teachers, friends circle, neighborhood, and society play a key role in this respect. We have to create an environment to our kids to live in a free and fair style of living in all respects on all occasions at every stage makes them as fulpledged individuals in our society. Lot of struggles and challenges took place to achieve this target. It is not that much easy as we expct. Economical imbalances will become the hurdle and obstacle to achieve it. We have to overcome it collectively. It should be erradicated in phased manner gives some relief and satisfaction. Every one of us should come forward to achieve this target. It is a collective effort. We have to consider it as social responsibility. Then only we can prove and give our best to the society as a mark of respect. Let us work out in this direction to commit and confirm in our free time preferably week ends and important occasions will give some scope to involve and fulfill the desire to some extent for the sake of community development.

It is our duty and responsibility to share something out of our effort for the sake of community development as human being gives us an opportunity with pleasure and joy. It can be a service, knowledge, equipment, or anything for that matter gives great relief on the part of receiver and helps to uplift the society in a systematic and dynamic manner shows some change in long run. Community development is not an easy task. It needs lot of commitment, dedication, determination, unity, manpower, resources, willpower, love and affection, organizing capacity to handle, time and continuous effort, is required to identify and provide the facilities and see that it should reach to the last person is a challenging and tough task. It is always better to take Government help with like minded people in society at large and do it as group in large scale gives some fruitful results. Regular follow-up and supervision will help to understand better the needs and necessicities of that particular community makes us to improve in a better manner and provide the service or facility to increase where required. Balancing our life with our personal, professional, family, social, and spiritual are part of human values which gives us an immense pleasure and satisfaction to lead our day to day life in this world. It makes our job easy and convenient to move forward with great zeal of enthusiasm to fetch the fruitful results in reality. Truth, love, peace, right conduct, and non-violence will fall under the category of human values. Ethics are the set of moral principles that are accepted by all walks of life. Values and ethics will occupy first place to maintain in our profession and day to day world.The human being as a social animal has to follow certain norms. Benevolence, humility, truthfulness, moral values, universal values are some to mention and note worthy.

Humanity is the rarest opportunity given by God as a gift to every one of us. We should consider it as most valuable and affordable gift to follow with some ethicks and prove as a useful citizen of this great universe. Gratitude helps to a large extent and we can show our gratitude as human being by giving our service, love, and knowledge, or some other means is worthwhile to mention here.Cleanliness is close to Godliness! Let us be clean and clear to serve humanity with great zeal with the available resources in a given time gives us pleasure and satisfaction.Serving people is serving Nation! Serving Nation is serving Universe! Broad thinking gives us broad mind! Universal application with open mind keeps us to elevate and enhance to the peek level and benefit the people at large makes the world in better and the best shape. Let us rededicate ourselves to do our best and give our best and hope for the best is the best way of approach. Mindset and thought process is ultimate. It gives us an abundent knowledge. Knowledge is limitless. It can go to anywhere and everywhere. Knowhow gives lot of respect and gain goodwill in long run with our neighborhood and others as well. It has no boundaries! It can spread anywhere in this world. It gives us recognition. It makes us to grow well in our society. It gives scope to create a better society. It has its own power. It moves fast and gives accurate results. Will power is ultimate. Will gives thrill!

Positive attitude, love, friendship, our own presense, are some examples to mention here for human values. It indicates our administrative power and extreme personal affection in relationship gives the best example for human values. It helps to improve our relationship and continue forever. Postive attitude seeks the interest and well being of others shows selfless service. Human values are nothing but they are our personal values happens in our daily life which makes an impact on others and create an image to a significant and remarkable manner keep us to reach high and high if we are valuable. Faith gives confidence! Trust leads to move forward! Values keeps us to stay long! Togetherness gives strength! Human beings make a society! Society creates some rules and regulations to follow by us in day to day world. We are here to follow and play a game with each other in our activities is nothing but leading our lives peacefully. Life is like a game! Know the rules and play it carefully! Then it gives us peace of mind! Lead the life with pleasure and joy! Then only it has some meaning to our life. We are here to controle, convince, concentrate, command, commit, confirm, everything on daily basis. Discipline is the root cause for human values. Openness, listening, welcoming, acceptance, recognition and appreciation, honesty, fairness, loyalty, sharing and solidarity, civility, respect, and consideraion are some among hem to maintain the human values. Cultures, economic status, religions, tolerance and respect will fall under the category of universal values. Everyone has some value in this world! We all live with some values as human beings and fulfil our desires on daily basis. Each one lives in their own way. It depends on their culture, family background, individual perception, education, neighborhood and society influence, their own understanding helps to a large extent to lead the life smoothly and fairly. All of us should follow the law of land! We should justify and respect it.

Truth is truth! Be happy and enjoy truth! Live and love in truth! If we love truth it loves us in so many ways! It gives peace of mind! It makes us happy with pleasure and joy! It creates good health! It makes us strong and stable! It alerts us and keep up to date! It allows to live free and frank! It is like a fire and ignites the power within and generate the thrill and joy to move forward with grate zeal of enthusiasm in order to fetch the fruitful results in reality. It gives the facts and figures and open our eyes to know the ground reality with better and the best understanding helps to learn more and more thru various means. Nobody can dare to touch it. Even if they try they will realize and try to change sooner or latter to become truthfull and lead the life in a decent manner and behaves as useful and helpful individual to our society is the fact. It has power to change the people to move in right direction with the right attitude in the right time at the right place to achieve the right results is stressed here. Truth alone can lead us together to a longer duration to live with peace and prosperity in order to fetch the fruitful results in reality. It is our strength like our body. It creates value to live and let live.

True! Change is must for good cause! Trnasformation helps to improve and grow in right direction with positive attitude. Greeting with love and affection makes us to smile and invite more friends to share their joy and pleasure with us. Showing gratitude is a great gift given by God to all of us. It inspires and motivates us and others as well. Writing-up is a great skill one has to cultivate and improve on regular basis. It keeps us to learn more and more thru various menas. Sharing is caring! Share your knowledge with others! Knowledge is a hub which grows as you dig it deeper and deeper and share it grows like a tree and gives shade with flowers and fruits to many and create a path to move forward with great zeal of enthusiasm gives us satisfaction and pleasure. It gives an opportunity to grow together. It gives more strength to perform better and tells us to learn and relearn. It is a continuous process and increases our responsibility. It flows forever like river Ganges. Rivers will never flow reverse! We should also cultivate a positive attitude to do our best in a given time and situation makes an impact on the part of receiver is worth mentioning here. The pet dogs are like our own children. We should consider it as an opportunity to feed and take care of them as a mark of respect and feel responsible. Then it gives us an immense pleasure and satisfaction. Love alone gives everything. Love all! Live all!

Delaying information is no information according to the information management system it gives no results in reality and makes the people to wait and creates strain and struggle which leads the stress without any valid reason is a fact in reality. It is always better to pass on the information as quickly as possible once we like or accept anything to the receiver gives great relief and support to create zeal and enthusiasm to provide happiness and joy is tremondous on the part of receiver’s end. It is a memorable event and ever lasting forever gives a thrill and creates more will to do the better and the best in future. Mentor place a great role to create the brand image on the part of his/her team to fetch the best out of his/her support and guidance. Personal branding, Digital branding, Goodwill, good work, behavior, culture, manners, skill and development, quality plays the role and creates an image in long run on the part of individual and helps to grow better in society as a useful and helpful person in reality. Identification is an art! If we look it in positive attitude it is posible to grasp immediately and pass on in no time keeps others in respect and us as well. Recognition is a great quality one has to cultiavate and develop.

We should always be thankful in the form of our gratitude towards the efforts what we put in reflects in the form of results will give us an immense pleasure and satisfaction in reality. At the same time we should also express our sincere thanks to the day and night which turns the next day keeps us to live and let live and do our normal duties to survive in this world is part of the process and natural. Similarly, friends and neighbors will turn as family members and share our views with them when required keeps as belongingness to each other strengthen the relations among each other is worthful to mention in this context. Our dreams also will fulfill and turn as reality makes us happy to create an environment as wonderful event gives confidence and courage to perform better in a planned manner with systematic approach allows us to fetch the best in reali life. Thought process is ultimate and it is a God given gift. We have to realize and reconnect towards our feelings and beliefs make us to reach peak in reality. Let us be natural! Realistic! Task oriented! Result oriented! Genuine! Trustworthy! Positive attitude! Winning mindset! Helping nature! Practical! Skill development! Confident! Courageous! Zeal and enthusiasm leads us.

Kindness is our religion! Great concept! hashtag #goodwill #sympathy #tolerance #affection #patience!

#soultribe believes it! That itself is an indication that we are committed towards peace and prosperity to bring some change in our society with love alone can bring some change shown by Mother Terasa is the best example to quote here and worth mentioned. It inspires and empowers all of us! It creates zeal and enthusiasm to move forward to bring some change to the best of our ability which gives strength and make us strong and stable. Kindness leads the love and travel together to achieve the desired goals with determination and dedication to sacrifice and focus more on our activities. It is a God given gift! One has to cultivate this habit which creates positive attitude to reach the positive people to acquire the positive thoughts and achieve the positive results. Believe! Belief gives everything! #linkedin is a family! It helps to share our views to others with like minded people thru this media and bring some change in everyone gives some pleasure and satisfaction. Somebody has to bell the cat! Then only things will happen in this world! Make an attempt and do your best, give your best as well as hope for the best! I strongly believe act of kindness is an act of God! God gives us power!

Human values are covered with attitude, ability, achievement, behavior, culture, committment, discipline, dedication, determination, excellence, gratitude, honesty, integriy, justification, kindness, knowledge, loyalty, love, peace and prosperity, politeness, quality, responsibility, respect, skills, trust, unity, values, wisdom, and zeal are some qualities one should possess to lead a dignified and satisfactory life in order to set the desired goals to accomplish in a specified time is must and should. For example respect should be earned based on our behavior and character. It can not be bought in open market like other commodities. Honesty is appreciated! A small appreciation gives big boosting to improve and perform in a better manner. Trust is gained. It comes thru experience and one has to build brick by brick over a period of time. It will not happen overnight or with one instance. Your life is your experience! You are the best judge for yourself! Know the limits and follow accordingly. Loyalty is returned. Show your gratitude towards good happend and the facilities to enjoy like natural resources which are God given gift. We should pray the Almighty in the form of gratitude to pay thru our prayers will give great relief.

Leadership itself is meant for service! Serve alone coupled with love and kindness helps to grow as leader in reality! A leader should have kind heart to understand better and mingle with people to know the needs and requirements of people gives an immense pleasure and satisfaction in reality. Serving people is serving to God! It is a God given gift! One should acquire the quality, eligibility, and prove themselves as a winner thru their sacrifice and performance can become a leader in this world! Everybody can not become a leader! The leader should have courage, confidence, ability, attitude, commitment, determination, dedication, sacrifice, excellent skills, faith, and focus more on the desired goals can achieve and be considered as successful leader and prove as leader to this world. Leadership is not a tag to badge and display it in a visible manner to show to others and it is a kind of duty with divinity makes us to become the leader and perform in a gigantic way thru sacrifice alone can only prove and present to the world in reality. That is the power of leader and vision helps to plan well and implement it in an effective and efficient manner to fetch fruitful results is worth quoted here. It is journey not destination.

Ms. Sudha Murthy is one of the simpliest, humble and noble with high integrity in all walks of life to serve the deserved people who are in need is worth mentioned here on this occasion. The great intellectual and an author of so many books in her credit and inspired the young women to prove themselves as an outstanding personalities in their respective fields and given an opportunity to serve in Infosys by recruiting more than 40% women force in their organization is a proven result in reality. She was the first women employee of TATA Group in her early days. She is the trend setter and role model for the present young women in many aspects to take her as an example and get the spirit of independence to deal on their own in every field makes them to grow in a systematic and dynamic manner helps to have an impact with great determination and dedication to sacrifice with focus on their desired goals to accomplish and reach their destination well in time is the right way of approach. Ms. Kiran Mazundar Shaw is another lady who moves in same path and proved herself as successful individual and grown and known as Chief of Biocon is worth mentioned in this respect. Be optimistic! Anything and everything is possible! Sky is the limit!

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