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Imagination and Visualization

Imagination and visualization are two words that are often used interchangeably, but they have distinct meanings. While both words involve mental imagery, they differ in their processes and outcomes. Imagination refers to the ability to create mental images or concepts that are not present in the physical world.

  1. “Visualize, focus, and execute.” — Unknown
  2. “Limits begin where vision ends.” — Anonymous
  3. “As you think, so shall you become.” — Bruce Le

Imagination is a great way of visualization which has no frontiers and move freely anywhere in this universe. Rediscovering, redefining, re-dedicating helps us to think broadly and widely expands our circles in broad manner gives more scope to enlighten and empowers us in right direction at right time with right people at right place for right cause to accomplish the right results is the right way of approach. Self evaluation, self understanding, self acceptance is part of the inner peace which has more capacity to prove ourselves as successful individuals. It shows the path and ways to create our own circles with an effective communication keeps us to interact with like minded people to share our views and invite them to move with us in our journey to grow together is part of the game. Smile always and be joyful yourself in every moment with pure and joyful thoughts makes you to maintain good health. Stand like a tree on your own set an example to others to shine bright like a sun, moon and stars in the sky. Trees will never feel even the leaves fell down have confidence that it will grow on its own as part of Mother Nature. It is God given gift to all of us to love and live together by giving others will get more satisfaction.

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