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Aspiring better human

Recharge yourself to become a better human being. Self motivation helps to evaluate and appreciate to equip in a better manner gives inspiration to proceed further with great determination and dedication to sacrifice and focus more on our desired goals is the best way of approach. Every day is a new opportunity and look for new things to start the day while spending time with mother nature gives an energy and strength makes our mind fresh when moving with nature in sun light keeps us to learn more and more thru interacting with our friends and discussing with others gives new thoughts and ideas to plan well and implement them in an effective and efficient manner gives an exposure in a gigantic way elevates us to the next level in reality. It is the fact that if we think in positive direction it helps us to move with positive people to acquire the positive thoughts and achieve the positive results in real life. Make your mind fresh and allow the people to share the views and think in dynamic way gives the best to do the better things keeps us in safe zone. Weekend is the best time to spend with Nature and enjoy maximum with free time keeps us more fresh and keeps us healthy. As a result it improves our health. Health is beter than wealth.

Artificil Intelligence is human creation! They work effectively and more efficient manner if we keep them upto date with commands set up as designed and give a fixed output. They function accurately based on the power supply and some force has to be used to get the things done in a systematic and dynamic way with the help of our involvement. At the same time, God has given us the thought process. As a human we have power to think and plan well and perform better to get the best out of our thoughts. A human has been created to think and rethink to improve on daily basis and apply your brain in different angles and try to get the positive results is the best way of approach. Knowledge helps to get the things done in proper way. It is possible thru learning. Higher education gives high skiils. It also gives us culture. Technology helps to achieve it in a better manner. It helps us to prepare how to behave and equip well to get more strength and ability to perform in a better way thru various means keeps us to elevate further to the next level and try to get the most useful manner in order to fetch the positive results with positive mindset is possible by creating the positive environment. Training is a regular process for everyone.

It is true to feel comfort and make it convenient to wait in a reaonable way to fetch the fruitful results in reality is the best way of approach. One has to realize and understand tht everything will take some time and energy. We can not get instant results. Effort is required and the desire helps to perform better with willingness makes it possible to get the things done in a fruitful manner is real fact. If you want get something you should be deserved first. Prepare yourself to create the ground and qualify to get the things done in your favor then wait for some time makes some sense and gives some meaning to put the acurate results in a desired way is the best way of approach. If you are in hurry sometimes it may misfire. Slow and steady wins the race is the best policy. Steadiness gives ability to understand to plan well and perform better whether it is a short, medium or long term plan we should have patience. Patience is the key for success. A lot of unknown sources are working behind our success including mother nature. We have to realize and accept it. It is a God given gift. All the glitters are not gold! If you want gold you should dig it deeply. You can not get it on surface. Effort is required coupled with patience. Then only it happens!

Responsibility and accountability are twins travel together in reality! As a matter of fact, once we receive something should be given back and once if we give something will get back after sometime or the other as per karmaphala sinddhantha is well know fact. We have to realize and believe it in drastic way which gives us clarity. Sometimes we forget this principle but the system will do its job irrespective of our involvement it debits and credits according to the doctrine of accounting is applicable here. We may ignore the principle as humans but The God will not forget. He may forgive us temporarily but not permanently. Never keep debts and try to accumulate them abnormally. It is always better to minimize and reduce to the extent possible gives us great relief. Less luggare more comfort is the best policy. Always try to connect as many people as possible in a genuine manner and try to help them as much as you can gives great relief. Do not worry about the number! Number is not the criteria here. People will come and go. It is part of the process. No one will stay with us permanently. People will flow like a river. They never come back like water in the river. The river will never flow reverse! The law of nature connects!

Invest time on your own as aspiring better humanbeing makes an impact by spending some time with mother nature gives full energy with great potentiality to drink fresh water and move your body by spending some time with mother nature in early morning in sun rays gives power to meditate and eat healthy food and helps to take some rest is really worthful as a regular routine makes us as better human when compared to others. Life is too short! It is in our hands to choose a quality life to spend in a given time with the available resources is a matter of gift given by God irrespective of the circumstances and the situations prevailed is immaterial and irrelevant. Everything depends on our attitude and the way how we receive and spend the time is in our hands. It is purely personal and one has to plan accordingly in such a way that it should be in a useful and worthful manner keeps us in safe zone and lead our life peacefully with good health is a boom. Dream high and achieve high is a heart touching exercise which gives the high returns if our effort is bigger than our dream keeps us high in reality. Learning to invest in yourself is a life long exercise which gives an immense pleasure and satisfaction. It helps to grow as leader.

Your effort always should be more than your dream. Big effort gives big results! An egle will never compromise and always sets a high goal and work accordingly. It struggles a lot to achieve the best and fly high as much as possible and makes it fit in all respects at all times on all occasions is the part of process. Try to move with champions to become a champion in reality. Then only it happens. Move with positive people to acquire the positive thoughts and achieve the positive results in reality is fact. Never compromise and never make a small attempt and try to struggle to learn more and improve in a desired manner to keep high as much as possible. Your effort should be bigger than your goal. Then only you can achieve it and prove to this world. Update and upgrade on regular basis by applying technology keeps you to fit in to the shoe that makes it possible to reach your target in a given time with realistic and genuine manner who can measure it with specific purpose. Preparation helps to make you smart. Motivation helps to boost and gives more nuitrition in the form of strength and stability to move forward with great zeal of enthusiasm in order to get the best results in reality. Evaluate and appreciate on regular basis.

Time has no holiday! Dreams have no expiry date! Life has no pause button! Live it! Love it! Enjoy each and every moment of your life to the maximum extent as much as you can! Try to fill it with love and hope! Hopes and aspirations are part of the process! We have to live with joy and pleasure! It gives us peace of mind! It leads us towards peaceful life and our aim should be at the end of the day we should have a peaceful sleep by that time when we go to our bed makes us happy. If we make it as our end goal our life is fulfilled in all respects at all time on all occasions is the right way of living. Never look for unwanted and unnecessary things which are not useful to us and others as well. It is nothing but waste of time and energy. Cultivate a positive attitude. It makes us to fulfil our needs and requirements. Feed your mind with positive thoughts and move with positive people to acquire the positive thoughts and achieve the positive results. A small encouragement or guidence and support makes an impact in reality. Faith alone gives us confidence and courage which gives energy to fulfill our needs and requirements in reality. Believe! Belief gives everything! Follow accordingly. You are the performer. You are the winner.

Becoming an elite performer is about making your priorities a reality. Becoming an elite performer doesn’t mean you’re a workaholic. It means that you’re good at making time for what matters to you especially when you don’t feel like it instead of being a passive spectator and letting life simply happen to you. One of the most important keys to success is having the discipline to do what you know you should do, even when you do not feel like doing it. When you are going to say something do something and prove yourself that you are performing and create a confidence in the minds of others is most vital and very important to be more athentic and gives more respect in the minds of others. Mere saying words will not fetch fruitful results in reality. Saying is different! Doing is different! Doing means you are on the ground! You are playing something! You know how to play? You are the performer! You are the real individual who is facing the situation in a dynamic manner gives confidence to others and create a zeal and enthusiasm to wait for result with a view that you will get the results in a dynamic and systematic manner and prove yourself as a performer makes an impact in reality. Real feelings will give the real results. 

Start from the scratch makes an impact on the part of individual to reach high and high in reality. It gives large scope to learn and relearn then improve in many ways by observing others, studying on their own and understanding in a better manner keeps an individual to think and rethink in a better manner to make a perfect individual on a particular point of view and particular issue makes him/her to be a super power makes to reach top in reality. It makes to fall down and rise many times helps to learn and improve in a better manner keeps with courage and make strong and stable to understand in a better manner to know the ground reality helps to a large extent and prove with experience is a fact. Let us believe! Belief gives everything. If you want gold you can not get it on surface. You should dig it deeply. Then only you can reach your desired targets and fulfill them in all respects with great zeal of enthusiasm in order to fetch the fruitful results in reality. That is the power of will! Where there is will there is a way. Nothing happens overnight. No instant results will fetch the best in long run. Struggle alone keeps us strong and stable. It gives more strength. It makes us strong. It allows to stay in this world. Prove!

Chances of success is rare! It is like step by step process! One has to feel, deal, realize, react, struggle, learn, re-learn, prove, respect, like, taste, achieve, then they will be considered as successful individuals in this world. At the beginning it looks difficult! We feel it is impossible! We do not even try! We fear at the initial stage! People will discourage! A lot of effort is required! Willpower leads us to move forward with one step makes us to reach miles and miles towards our journey to reach our destination safely and securely well in time is the right way of approach. Nothing happens instantly. There is no magic to get success. It comes only thru smart and hard work. Initially we say I will not, I can not, I do not know how to do it? Then you may say with some support I wish I could! Then you will say I want to do it! Desire makes it to say I think I might! Strong desires feels I might and I think I Can! Burning desire says I can and I will! Winning mindset helps to say I am! It helps to perform and plan well to implement it in an effective and efficient manner gives courage and confidence to determine and dedicate to sacrifice and focus more on your desired goals prove that you did it! That is the power of will! Will gives everything! You are powerful! You have proven record!

An excellent thought process gives us an idea in such a way that we respond in a dynamic and systematic manner to respond the people who try to insult us purposefully silence is the answer to make you act and frustrate them in a surprised way will make them to shut their mouth. Either way silence is gold. It saves us in many ways. It keeps us in safe zone. It makes us as an individual with proper sense and live as human. Talk less and observe more is the best way of approach. It gives us an opportunity to learn more from others. Learning is a life long process. We can learn thru so many ways by reading, observing, hearing, interacting, performing, practicing, seeing, writing and so on. Eye to eye contact helps a lot to find the facts from others will catch and understand in easy way. It gives more clarity to determine and take the decision accordingly. It saves our time and energy. It also yields the fruitful results in reality. As long as we do not react no one can harm us. It is an art. One has to cultivate it over a period of time thru experience. Your life is your experience. You are the best teacher for yourself. You are the guide. You are the motivator. You are the mentor to yourself. Self motivation is the best out of all.

Vision is the root cause of everything! Visualization makes a leader to be dynamic and potential to determine and dedicate to sacrifice and focus more on goals gives clarity to set and achieve them makes purify to prove in reality. Willpower gives power to see with clarity gives the best results thru planning and effective implementation makes to happen in a dynamic manner to set an example to others. Trend setting is an art! One has to cultivate this habit. It is not an easy task. It is not a badge to tag! It is a quality to cultivate and show in reality. Everybody can not become a leader. One should cultivate the leadership quality and achieve something to prove as a leader. Then only recognition spreads and success rate increases to move all parts of the world. Be a performer. The performer only can prove in the form of results. Results are ultimate. They speak better than us. They can move faster than us. They have capacity to shout and thunder the results to spread faster and quicker to reach in the minds of public. Then people will inspire and appreciate in a better manner. Change alone can give the best. Transformation helps to create more thru learning in various modes to prove ourselves as great performers and winners.

It is always better to allow yourself to be proud of yourself and all the progress you have made. None other than you can feel better in this respect. Because you are the present, past, and future of your own activity. You are the one who is with you at all times on all occasions at every stage of your journey and did it the way how you planned, designed, implemented, enjoyed, struggled, proved, got the result. People only know the end result. Not your struggles, efforts, and other things. To say frankly it is none of their business. Everybody wants to see the end results to measure in a better manner and appreciate in such a way that based on the results. Top three will be considered as high flyers in general and identified as winners in any activity. Never compare with others under any circumstances. Always compare with your previous work and satisfy yourself. Your life is your experience. You are the best teacher for yourself. You are the determining authority. You are held responsible for everything. Never blame others. Blame game will not fetch much in reality. Instead evolve yourself and appreciate yourself at least once a day gives more inspiration and support to get the motivation and strength to proceed further to comply.

Live with more options in valuable way which gives us an opportunituy to move forward affectionately and efficiently with everyone in this world. We have choice to select freely and fairly to live long with our family, friends, relatives in society. We can share our views and care the world with love and affection. Love is only the way to reach more number of people in this universe. Nothing can allow us to work, to live, to move forward peacefully, safely, pleasantly in our journey to reach our destination with the limited period what we have in a given time with the limited resources available love alone can do better and the best is only the way we should cultivate and follow to live together as one family. Nothing is powerful than love in this world. Smile always! Be simple and humble without any expectations! Do your best! Give your best! Hope for the best! As long as our intentions are good everyone will help us. Smile allows us to reach more people with love to introduce ourselves as excellent performers to do good and produce more with a view to learn and improve more in our activities to fetch the fruitful results in real life. Unconditional love lives long and create wonders in reality! Mother Teresa is the best example!

” I want to be a good human being. I’m doing my best and, I’m working at it.” – Unknown

” Aspire to inspire before you expire.” – Eugene Bell Jr.

” When you learn to accept instead of expect, you will have fewer disappointments.” – Unknown

” A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected.” – Unknown

” The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” – Steve Jobs

” Don’t expect things to happen. It’s better to feel surprised, than be disappointed.” – Unknown

” Never stop doing your best just because someone doesn’t give you credit.” – Unknown

” Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.” – Abraham Lincoln

” To be a good human being is to have a kind of openness to the world, an ability to trust, uncertain things beyond your own control.” – Unknown

” Never mind searching for who you are. Search for the person you aspire to be.” – Robert Brault

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