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Is the Reward Worth the Risk?

The risk/reward ratio is an essential tool to determine whether an investment is worth a financial risk. It is a simple measure of how much return you can get in relation to the risk you take on by investing in the asset. However, most people hoping to involve in the stock market are unaware of what the ratio is — or how to calculate it.

“The universe will reward you for taking risk on its behalf.” — Shakti Gawain

“Sometimes you have to take a risk because the reward is worth it.” — Priscilla West

“Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision.” Peter Drucker

When we deserve it, we should consider the reward as worthful. Struggle alone gives results. Effort alone yields the fruitful results. Be skillful. Be worth considering. Be updated on a regular basis. Learning is a lifelong process. It makes us to learn and upgrade us to the next level in real life. It elevates and enhances the peak in reality. It makes us to get the recognition. It gives name and fame. Once you get a reward you are considered a successful individual. Success is a journey not the destination. It shoulders to feel more comfortable. It keeps us to feel more and more responsible and accountable. Expectations will increase from all corners. It needs a lot of effort and ability to perform and prove us as gigantic personality. It makes you to spend sleepless nights. Every step is a steppingstone to reach a milestone. Each step has its own value. Skill development is part and parcel of your daily routine. Change is a must and mandatory. Change and transform yourself. Transformation gives information about a particular event or occasion which makes us to think and rethink about it. It is considered as a desire. Burning desire turns into will. Will gives thrill. Thrill makes us to become strong and stable. It gives ability to perform and plan well to implement it in an innovative and dynamic way to get the things done in disciplined and decent manner. Never look for shortcut methods. Nothing happens instantly. Build your own personality and create your own brand image. You should be able to create your own path. Be as a creator. Demonstrate and prove as successful individuals. Life itself is a risk. Risk is part of the process. Without risk nothing is achieved. Where there is will there is a way. Willful exercise gives willful results. Mindful exercise gives mindful results. Never stop in the middle once started and move forward with great determination and dedication to sacrifice and focus more on your desired goals to reach your destination safely and securely well in time is the best way of approach. Be optimistic. Be positive. Positive attitude gives positive results. Positive thoughts allow us to reach positive people to acquire positive results in right time at right place with right people for right cause is the right way of approach. The river will never flow in reverse. The bird eagle will never compromise. The tree gives shade to others. Be like a bird, tree or river. You came to this world with a purpose. Try to fulfill it. Love yourself and your work. If you love your work, it loves you in the form of success. Evaluate and appreciate yourself at least once a day. It makes you to become strong and stable. Self-motivation is the best way of approach. Self-love is not selfish. If you are strong, you can help others. Be strong. Be healthy. Health is better than wealth. A healthy person can produce more and set an example to others. Be a trendsetter. Be a role model. Aware! Awareness gives knowledge. Knowledge is powerful. It makes us to think about new ways. Think differently and perform effectively. Planning and implementing are the primary duty of an individual. Effective planning gives effective results. Dare to dream. Dream big. Accomplish big. Know your value. Know your strength. SMART and SWOT analysis gives an idea to grow better. Life is like a journey. Enjoy yourself. Move forward. Time is precious. Time takes care of everything. Time will determine everything. Time is crucial. Time is effective. Keep up! All the best!

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