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Seed Differently

A seed can be planted directly into the soil or started indoors and then transplanted outside. A seeding on the other hand, is a young plant that has just started to grow from a seed.

“We can not force someone to hear a message they are not ready to receive. But we must never underestimate the power of planting a seed.” — Positive Seed Quotes

“Be careful with what seeds you allow to take root in the garden of your heart. Not all seeds bear good fruit.” — Healing Hope

“Continue to plant seeds of trust and faith. They will bear great fruit.” — Inspirational Quotes

💧 Plant a seed with hope and aspiration and take care of it properly to protect from all threats and pour water regularly with a view that it should grow to give shade to us and others as well in reality.

💧 Plants are like our children. We should take care of them to grow healthy way like our kids makes an impact to protect the nature and helps to breath fresh air and enjoy the fruits if everything goes well as we expect and prefer them to safeguard from all angles at all times on all occasions.

💧 Dedicate and rededicate, revise and review as frequently as possible if required to fetch the fruitful results in every aspect gives scope to avail the facilities provided for our own safety and security to protect the future keeps us in safe zone.

💧 Plant breeding is a different subject to visualize and accommodate in such a way that we should analyze, accept, appreciate and enhance to move from one place to the other if required to get the best results as we expect and establish the location in right place at right time in right way yields the best results in long run.

💧 Never look for short cut methods and do the wrong things for acquiring the fruitful results one has to think carefully while putting a step think twice or thrice and study carefully then apply your brain in a systematic and dynamic way in an innovative approach creates a clear path to put our steps forward and reach miles and miles in our journey makes it happen in reality.

💧 Seeds are part of a plant. We should separate them carefully to plant a tree when rain falls and feed it with water on regular intervals to grow healthy and gives good yield once it grows properly to meet our needs and requirements in real life. When it has grown up it gives an immense pleasure and satisfaction as a grower. We enjoy the fruits and feel happy with joy. Satisfaction is the key for everything. A satisfied person is better than a successful individual.

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