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Self Control

The ability to control oneself, in particular one’s emotions and desires, especially in difficult situations will help and empowers in many ways to learn and improve in practice.

This video has inspired me to write some facts about an individual to create our own path with our effort and positive mindset is possible to make it happen the impossible things in real life. Let us work out and try our level best. Believe! It gives everything! It inspires and empowers in many ways. — Video Courtesy : ISMART INFO

  • You are the root cause of everything. You are with you forever. You only can understand yourself. You are the best in this world.
  • If everyone feels like this we can create a new path to move together with love and kindness to share our views with others is the first step to reach miles and miles in our journey helps to cross the miles stones one by one and reach our destination safely.
  • As long as our intentions are good people will join and extend their support to strengthen the cause in concrete manner enables to prove in reality.
  • Discipline, dedication, determination gives extra energy to sacrifice and focus more on SMART goals with SWOT analysis makes it happen.
  • Action plays key role! Consistency gives clarity. Motivate yourself. Love you and your work to know the ground realities and understand better.
  • Slow and steady wins the race is the best policy! Struggle alone gives positive results. Be optimistic! wait for opportunity! There is no short cut method for success.
  • Success is a journey not the destination. Listen carefully! Hearing is an art! It improves the leadership qualities. A leader is a reader!
  • Health is better than wealth! Get up! Rise up! Dress up! Move towards woods and breathe a fresh air. Sun rays falls on us thru stems and leaves makes us to be fresh and be active rest of the day.
  • Create an environment in work place. Be friendly with everyone to create team spirit and work together and accomplish the goals set well in time gives confidence and courage to move forward.
  • Balance everything! Personal, professional, family, social and spiritual life is must and allocate the time accordingly.
  • Time management is crucial! All of us have same time irrespective of age, gender, qualification, position, size and activity. We have to play in given time and get the results. It is in your hands How? When? What?
  • Application of brain is must! Thought process is ultimate! An idea can change this world. You are the master of your own thoughts. You are held responsible for it. Acceptance gives more clarity. Be free and frank.
  • Talk less and work more! Do your duty! Do your best! Give your best! Hope for the best! You will get the best! You are the performer!
  • Blame game will not fetch much! If you show a finger to the opposite person other fingers will show you to say that analyze, arise, awake, apply and approve. Be trustworthy! Honesty and integrity are like two rails travel together. Then only we can reach our destination safely.

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