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Selfless work

Service to the people is service to the Nation! In other words serving people is serving God! Health care is utmost important. It is one of the primary needs of an individual irrespective of their economic ability. Dr. Dawar has great heart to serve people with love and affection as human being kept him to live in their minds forever thru his selfless work in healthcare sector is set an example to others and become a role model to remember forever with his wholehearted services to the public is worth mentioned here on this occasion. An appreciation and recognition is equally important to mark as a matter of respect and feel proud as a useful citizen of this great Nation is really worth remember. Service is a thankless job. Most of us will not remember and take it easy and feel it is not their job. If everyone feels like that nothing happens in this world. Give something to this world. It gives an immense pleasure and satisfaction. Satisfaction plays a role. It has its own value. One has to cultivate this habit right from childhood. It will not develop this quality instantly. Everything takes time and energy. We should respect and follow accordingly. It gives thrill! It inspires others! It brings some change. Change is must! Try!

None of us are perfect! There is no twenty four carrot gold in this world. If you observe carefully you find some change or the other. It is a bear fact one has to accept it. It is our experience! Your life is your experience! You are the best teacher for yourself! Life taught us many lessons! We are learners and learning is a life long process! Every event has its own value. Let us respect! Give respect and take respect is the best way of approach. Every day is new and it gives us an opportunity to learn. Make a day better than yesterday! That itself is an indication that you are moving towards positive direction with positive people for acquiring positive thoughts to achieve the positive results with your positive attitude. Satisfaction plays role! It gives us an immense pleasure and satisfaction. A satisfied person is better than a successful person. Success is a journey not the destination. Do your best! Give your best! Hope for the best! You will get the best! Be simple and humble! Humbleness gives honesty! Honesty is the best policy! Action plays a role! Be action oriented! Be task oriented! Be result oriented! Be a performer! Performance alone gives results! Effort alone yields the best results. Be a successful individual!

The secret of happiness is the way of life! One has to feel and enjoy it in different ways, different occasions, different times, makes us to feel joy with pleasure and peace of mind elevates us to the peak in reality. You are the root cause of your own happiness. None other than you can make to feel happy in this world. You alone can do anything and everything. Believe! Belief gives everything! Your presence will give you happiness to feel and enjoy yourself. Your positive attitude will help you to feel happy. If you feel you are responsible and accountable you will get happiness. Your way of action gives you happiness. Respecting others, listening others, thought process gives more happiness by understanding to know the ground reality gives pleasure which helps to solve the problem in an amicable manner keeps us to the next level in reality. A small guidance and support helps to keep us joy. Learning and improving gives happiness. To say frankly each individual has their own way of happiness for their own reasons and the ultimate aim is one should feel happy for doing good, being good, and share the good with others is most important in reality. Sharing is caring! Share your happiness with others. It inspires and makes an impact.

Wise words will inspire and gives long life! Pleasure is the root cause of everything! If we are happy we can move fast, think fast, lead better, live peacefully, perform effectively, spend time with like minded people gives us an immense pleasure and satisfaction. #Averysunshine created the root and made a platform to express and share our views with everyone thru #linkedin is really worth mentioning and wonderful way. #sunshinemindset keeps us to shine like a sun and moon in the sky and empowers thru inspiration gives energy to ignite the power and create strength to move forward with great zeal of enthusiasm is stressed on this occasion. Showing gratitude in various forms is a great concept. One has to cultivate this habit with positive attitude makes us to learn and improve thru various means elevates and enhances to the next level in reality. Will power leads us to move forward with one step makes us to reach miles and miles to reach our destination safely and securely well in time is the right way of approach. It helps to focus more on our desired goals to achieve fast and prove in a better manner. It makes an impact on the part of every one. Togetherness gives more strength. It keeps us strong and stable. Express gratitude!

Innovative thought process gives innovative results! Mindset helped coupled with technology and hard work made them to happen in reality. Drip irrigation, consistent effort, positive attitude, winning mindset helped to great extent to turn their dream has become true in reality. Patience worked to get the results with their vision to implement in an effective and efficient manner made the results seen with their own eyes and it is heart touching event and an eye witness to see by everyone and appreciate their effort and commitment made the place as green and evergreen. It is an amazing and wonderful event one has to bear in mind and inspire to follow them to create a beautiful place like what we see is real transformation. All of us should commit and confirm to plant a tree each day makes it happen in reality. Will alone gives thrill! Thrill gives skill! Skill makes it happen and show the results. Results are ultimate! They speak better than us. They show the real picture. It is an eye opener and a wonderful event to grow the plant where we feel it is required and judge ourselves to identify and grow them makes the green world beautiful and keeps us with good health. Health is better than wealth. Let us proceed and follow them.

Replacement of negative people, situations, events, places, thoughts, are essential and try to move from them as soon as possible and avoid to the extent possible gives positive energy, inspiration, peace, love, happiness, and affection, helps to grow in a better manner and think in positive direction to reach the positive people for acquiring the positive thoughts and achieve the positive results is the best way of approach in reality. Selecting the content, situation and people will lead us with learning attitude gives scope to improve and plan well to implement it in an effective and efficient manner makes us to grow in positive direction to get the fruitful results in real life. #soutribe is one which gives us great relief with lot of knowledge and generates inspiration to move forward with great zeal of enthusiasm to spend time with like minded people gives pleasant moments and above all immense pleasure and satisfaction. To say in one word it fulfills our life ambition of unconditional love gives us positive energy makes us to be healthy. Health is better than anything in this world. Spending time with good people is God given gift. We should show our gratitude by praying God every morning to allow and move with #soultribe.

Celebrations keep in happy with peaceful mood and allow us to join with like minded people to share our views and express the feelings in a good manner which inspires and gives an opportunity to grow and prosper in better way. This week I was fully engaged with my blog article Emotional Intelligence shared in LinkedIn with our members made me to feel happy and given me an immense pleasure and great satisfaction to large extent. Yes, it is the fact that if we celebrate more we get the joy and peace more in our daily activities. First of all we will be more active, pleasure, action and task oriented makes us to be more healthy and yields the positive results by passing positive vibrations in our mind. As the picture shows above makes an individual to grasp it comes in our mind and think on that particular subject makes happen in reality. It has the power of growth and develop the attitude in such a way that it allows us to move with people unknowingly as group and create a great zeal and enthusiasm to enjoy and try to move forward with great determination and dedication to sacrifice and focus more on our desired goals is the best way of approach. Willpower leads us to put a step forward makes us to reach miles and miles in reality.

Life lessons are ultimate! One has to understand in a better manner. Each one think in their own direction and plan accordingly to perform with positive attitude makes them to reach the right people at the right time with right attitude at the right place to achieve the right results is the right way of approach. Full moon gives us full of brightness with pleasant environment. The sky looks bright and shines powerful to enjoy in night time. It is a new experience in new year with lot of joy and pleasure gives us new ideas and aspirations to procure the best in available situation and resources available is the great way of approach. It inspires us to get more strength and will power to proceed further with our own ideas gives an opportunity to shine with brightness as a team. Collective effort gives collective results. Team work plays a vital role. It has its own value. It makes us to learn more thru various means. Believe! Beief gives everything. It is like a boost to give extra strength. Freedom gives us happiness. It helps us to make a choice as per our desire. Unconditional love leads us towards kindness to help mankind when required. It is always better to touch with Mother Nature. It connects to our path, passion, purpose.

Dreams and realization are like twins which begins with our thought process coupled with planning and effective implementation makes it happen in reality. Dream big achieve big is the right way of approach. Desire helps to learn and improve skill development to continue and practice it on regular basis makes us to elevate and reach to the next level in real life. Dreams are like a flowing river which never flow reverse and always occupies one dream is fulfilled the another will occupy its place and move forward with great zeal of enthusiasm. Dreams are unlimited! Our effort should be higher than our dream! Then only things will happen in reality. Inspire and motivate yourself to evaluate and appreciate at least once a day creates healthy environment. Consistent performance alone can yield the fruitful results in our activities on regular basis. Cultivate the habit of doing and learning like two wheels which moves on rails to travel smoothly and safely to reach our destination well in time is the best way of approach. Life is like a journey! Just move on with positive attitude and make it clear that your intention should be good for the best cause to do your best and give your best to get the best results with your effort gives success. It is like a journey. We are here to perform without any expectation and pre-condition. Your mind should be fresh with clear mind which takes care of your object to complete the task without any prejudices concretes the relation and continue forever.

Self evaluation, self realization, self audit, self help, self contribution, self motivation, self inspiration, self appreciation, self learning, self belief, self discovering and self standing empowers, enhances, enlightens, supports, encourages, improves our wellness, positivity, growth and development towards our future and gives an opportunity to extend our cooperation to those who need the guidance and support can raise our hands with proper help gives us an immense pleasure and satisfaction in real life. It inspires and empowers to communicate and consult those who are in need of help can identify and create a trust in their minds by joining our hands with them with good intention makes joy and peace among the people in our society. Educate as many people as possible by sharing our knowledge, time, service, technology, belongings and train them as much as possible on regular basis helps to grow together and make our society as logistic with love and kindness harmony and elequent. Self talk, self dialogue, self conversation, self discipline, self trust, self confidence, self determination, self dedication, self sacrifice makes us to set a goal and plan well to perform better and fetch the fruitful results in real life.

The light gives brightness and shine with richness! Glow yourself to glow others! Shine and empower yourself to enhance and elevate others to the next level in reality. Strengthen your power to empower others. To give light radiate heat burn without flames to shine and provide lighting. To glow is to shine with light. On a clear night when the moon is full, it glows in the sky. A nightlight glows in dark room and a distant flash light bleem glows like a candle. Sharpen yourself to glow better. City lights will glow when seen from the space in flight at night. A person’s face can also be said to glow, when it is shining with happiness or health. When we are active and alert in our duty we shine better and perform better to plan well and implement them in an effective and efficient manner to fetch the fruitful results in reality. The fruits and leaves will shine bright and looks nice when sun rays falls on them and the tree will grow better in healthy manner when rain falls in time and gives us shade and reduce the heat from sun rays is the best example to quote here on this occasion. Mother Nature looks nice! It gives us brightness! It makes us healthy by providing fresh air to breath and drink fresh water to maintain good health.

Be happy with the available resources then try for the best with your effort with good intention gives us great relief with peace of mind and helps us to lead a better life in reality. If you want gold you should dig it deeply. You can not get it on surface. Do it consistently with great commitment and love! If you love your work it loves you in the form of success! Wants are unlimited! If you fulfill one desire another one will occupy its place. It is a life long and never ending process. We are humans! Needs and aspirations are common! Your effort should be bigger than your desire! Then only things will happen in real life. Never get discourage, ill feel or neglect the things with lesser value and be serious, take care of everything with proper planning effective implementation helps to grow in a better way with great zeal of enthusiasm in order to fetch the fruitful results in reality. Enjoy yourself! Inspire and motivate! Self motivation is the best way of approach. You are the performer! You are the key for everything! Everything starts from you only. Put a step forward with one step makes you to reach miles and miles to reach your destination with great determination and dedication to sacrifice and focus more on your goals.

” We rise by lifting others ” – Robert Ingersoll

” Don’t be selfless for someone selfish” – Unknown

” True love is selfless. It is prepared to sacrifice.” – Sadhu Vaswani

” Sometimes you have to be selfish to be selfless ” – Edward Albert

” The minute you become selfish is the minute you start to loose ” – Unknown

” The more selfless service you do, the more successful you will become ” – Dr. Pillai

” Through selfless work, love of God grows in heart ” – Ramakrishna

” The best way to find yourself is, to lose yourself in the service of others.” – Mahatma Gandhi

” If you want your life to be different you have to start reacting to life differently.” – Bryant Mcgill

” The way to develop self-confidence is to do the thing you fear and get a record of successful experiences behind you.” – William Jennings Bryan

” It is rare to find a business partner who is selfless. If you are lucky it happens once in a life time.” – Michael Eisner

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