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Smart India Hackathon

  • An internal hackathon is set up by a company or organization to foster innovation, teamwork, and problem-solving skills among its employees.
  • During the hackathon, smaller groups work together to create projects, aiming to find high-quality solutions.
  • The event often follows a competitive format, with winning projects receiving prizes.

“There is a need to use technology more and innovate more. We live in a technology driven era.” — PM Narendra Modi

“The youth of India is blessed with phenomenal energy and this energy will bring very good results for the nation.” — PM Narendra Modi

“A series of issues have been placed before our youth to work on. The issues are challenging but this is also an opportunity.” — PM Narendra Modi

💧 Smart India is an innovative and dynamic platform to participate more number of educational institutions and encourage students to involve in large scale to understand better about the programs designed by HRD is a welcome sign to grow and prove.

💧 It encourages them to set-up their own firms to establish in small scale at the beginning is a step by step process to learn and understand the system in comprehensive manner gives scope to think in that direction as future entrepreneurs of this great universe.

💧 Professional courses like MBA gives an abundant opportunity in higher education, youth can think the ways and means to find the opportunities in establishing their own units and prove to become as industrialists in long run by displaying their skills gives confidence and courage to others and think to generate employment makes the Nation strong and stable in long run.

💧 When we think independently, dependability can be minimized and reduce to help, open the doors for entrepreneur role to sow a seed in young minds and grow like banyan tree by spreading it widely in large scale gives an opportunity for industrial revolution. Industrial growth is our own growth. If we grow the society grows, like that it spreads fast.

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