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Spirituality and Spiritual Souls

People of faith might put it that each person’s ‘soul’ communicates with a divine spirit, even with the Holy Spirit of God. Either way, the spiritual self (or soul) is to be thought of as personal, and the spiritual dimension (or Holy Spirit) is universal. Soul has an independent quality. Spirit is what holds things together.

“You are a beautiful soul wrapped up in a human body. It is your job to unwrap, and find your soul again.” — Steven Attchison

“Pray not for the healing of your body but rather the healing of your soul. For the body is temporary. But the soul is eternal. And with the healing of the soul the body will follow.” — Pinterest.com — Guide posts

“Your body’s ability to heal is greater than anyone has permitted you to believe.” — Rawforbeauty.com

Inspiring others empowers us and vice versa! A small guidance and support makes an impact at all times on all occasions in every stage. Focus alone makes us to be alert, arise, aware, awake, inspire and improve in so many angles. Winning mindset gives winning strategy. Quitters will never win and winners will never quit. Dream big and achieve big. Your effort should be higher than your dream. Then only things will happen in reality. Women empowerment is need of the hour. They are no way inferior than men. Gender has no criteria. All humans are equal. Give respect and take respect is the best policy. Honesty and integrity works like two arms and shoulders the responsibility and accountability to fetch goodwill in long run. Create your own image and never compare with others under any circumstances. Instead, compare yourself with your previous performance. It helps to improve and learn more and more. It gives an opportunity to think and apply the logics to grow better and the best. Be as an optimistic! Be a trend setter! Be as star performer! Your effort is your valuable asset. You are the king of your kingdom. You only can do anything and everything. You are the person who is with you forever. Feel proud of yourself. Pray Almighty!

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