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Digi Yatra

✨ Digi Yatra is a facial recognition-based technology that promises a quicker, paperless experience for air travelers in India. It allows passengers to skip airline counter queues and get cabin luggage checked faster through separate gates for Digi Yatra-registered travelers. This system is contactless and can save passengers 15-25 minutes of their time.

✨ Currently, Digi Yatra is available at the following airports in India:

1) Ahmedabad 2) Bangalore 3) Delhi) 4) Kochi 5) Lucknow 6) Mumbai and Varanasi.

✨ These airports aim to enhance passenger convenience and streamline the entire process, making air travel more peaceful and hassle-free. If you are flying from any of these airports, keep an eye out of the Digi Yatra gates for a smoother journey.

✨ Digital process helps easy access and facilitate seamless biometric authentication and digital documentation to reduce the waiting time.

✨ It enhances total security and improves passenger satisfaction. Check-in baggage is taken care by concerned agency makes sure that it will be collected at the end point. We can move only with cabin baggage inside.

✨ To use this facility we need to have a smart phone with soft copies of our Passport, Voter ID, Aadhar, PAN, Driving License etc.

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